Father's Day and Fart Jokes

I hope that you all had a great Father's Day weekend! I know that I did! It was a little hectic because we had to be with my family part of the day and his family the other part. It worked out just fine though, but we were tired puppies when we got home last night because both of our families live 80 miles north of us. It was a long drive but well worth the trip for the food alone.

I love getting cards for Oscar for Father's Day, it is so fun to pick them out. I usually get him two cards from just me, a serious one and a silly one. Then one from the boys. I saw this card from the boys to their dad and I just knew it was the one!

Even more awesome is that the caution sign is a magnet that we can put on the fridge - ha ha!!! On the inside of the card this is what it read:

Apparently I am not the only one in this world that thinks a warning sign is an appropriate Father's Day gift!



blueviolet said…
I love that sign! How apropos!
Tammy said…
Hilarious! Hmmm...didn't know you farted over there.

hmmm...what's that smell????? Must be you guys...lol
When you get a chance I've mention you on my site check it out.