Thursdays Friends and Giveaways Cafe - With ME as a Guest Host!!

If you love finding new blogs to read and fun giveaways to enter than you are in luck! Welcome to "Thursday's Friends & Giveaways Cafe" hosted by Deb of Menopausal New Mom and Tammy of Tammy's Two Cents. These two awesome ladies wanted to create a place for not only Blog Hopping but with a SECOND link where everyone could post their current Giveaways. The only rule for posting Giveaways on this Hop is that each one must have a value of $25 or More!

One of the coolest things about this blog hop is that each week Tammy and Deb will randomly select someone from the previous week's hop to be their guest host!

Guess What? This week I am the Guest Host! Whoo Hooo! What are the odds? I was just thinking that to myself last week when I joined up that it would be great to co-host, but what are the odds? Well, I guess pretty good!

Many of you may not know it but Tammy is actually my IRL next door neighbor. Blogging has brought us closer together (I know, closer than next door?) and I am so glad that I can not only call Tammy my neighbor but my dear friend.

Tammy and Deb are always looking for ways to make their blog hop better and one reason that I am so excited about this week in particular is that they now have added an embed code so that you can watch the hop from your very own blog! How cool is that? Now you only have to refresh your own page to see what great new friends to follow and giveaways to enter that have been added!

I linked up and I hope that I will make many new friends! Follow me and I will most definitely make it a point to follow you back and say hi!



Josh said…
Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh
Hi Kim, thanks for posting and guest hosting today :)
Tammy said…
Woohoo! Guest host today rocks! :) It's fun and easy to be the guest co-host huh? Everything is done for you!

Taking Brad for a H/C but I am sure will want to play with the boys later!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for hosting this. I am following you now. Awesome blog!