Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Why babies shouldn't do laundry

Emilio was helping take the boys laundry out of the dryer yesterday and everything was going great until he decided to start throwing their clothes over the landing. Most of them landed in the entry way but this rogue pair of PJ pants ended up hanging from the picture frame. Even funnier is that I didn't even notice that it was there until my parents came over and pointed it out to me! Apparently I am oblivious to messes at this point, ha ha!

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ROFL!! Funny that it was there, funnier that you didn't know it and your parents pointed it out. Wonder what they thought?? LOL!
It's totally something that would happen at my house!
blueviolet said…
I can't believe you didn't see it! Too, too funny!
Mandy said…
That's hilarious! :) And sounds totally like something that would happen around here! LOL
That is too funny! I can't wait for my girls to start helping in my never ending laundry pile. Maybe I will wait a little longer?? lol

Tammy said…
LMAO...Go Emilio!
Run DMT said…
LOL I've heard of dressing the windows, but the walls? Well, at least he's not looking like a fool with his pants on the ground.
Natalie said…
That's exactly what would happen in our house! Stuff is always out of whack and I just don't see it!
Those and underwear and used socks tend to land on the ceiling fans over here @ Casa de Dummies.
alicia said…
Too funny! Happy WW! Drop by and link up!
Anonymous said…
hahahaha! Thats funny you didnt notice it!
Katie said…
lol that's awesome!