Aloha Friday - Disgusting Foods


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Have you ever eaten something that you deemed as disgusting because someone else made you or even out of politeness?

Last weekend I went to a birthday celebration at my neighbors Indian restaurant. I was psyched because I have never eaten Indian food before and I thought that it would be a great way to try it for the first time. Oscar would never even consider going to eat at an Indian restaurant so I thought that this was my golden opportunity.

When I got there I saw my neighbor Tammy from Tammy's Two Cent's and her husband Scott there and grabbed a seat at their table. The buffet was open so I went and grabbed a plate and just started scooping items onto it. There weren't any labels as to what I was dishing out and since I hadn't eaten that type food before I really had no idea what it was. Shortly after sitting down at the table Tammy's hubby informed me that one of the items I chose was lamb. I of course thanked him for telling me because I don't eat lamb. It totally grosses me out and I just can't get over it. It didn't help that he and Tammy told me that it tasted like roast either because I hate roast too. I can't eat stringy meat, I just do not like the texture.

Then it got ugly. Scott was insistent that I stop being a baby and try the lamb. He kept saying "Eat it! Just eat it! Put it in your mouth!", he was relentless. He didn't even cringe when I told him my story about when I saw a poor baby lamb's remains in a field as a kid that was burned alive by its owners. I don't do lamb. Finally after about twenty minutes I gave in to peer pressure. He said he wouldn't stop harassing me about it until I took a bite, and I believed him! I did give Scott fair warning that he better watch out cause if I thought it was so nasty that I had to spit it out that it was going in his direction. That would wipe that smirky smile right off his face right?

So, just to shut Scott up I took a bite. I have to admit, it wasn't horrible. It wasn't good either. It was stringy and chewy and it was gross to swallow but I did it. I won't ever do it again, it was definitely only a one time thing, thanks to peer pressure. And he promised that if I blogged about it he would comment on my blog - so we shall see won't we!



Katie said…
I've never done it because someone pressured me into it - I'm pretty good at saying no way if I don't want it!
Tammy said…
I am totally rofl...I just read it to Scott and he says "WTH Kimberly?" Let's see if he really will make a comment!

What a fun night, even if you had to eat lamb!
Auntie E said…
Yes, Hubby made me eat Octopus and I will not touch it today.
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Becca said…
I never eat foods I don't want to. I was never forced to as a child, and so I'm really not able to as an adult.
Twincerely,Olga said…
yes raw oysters! I love them now but heavily steamed!!!LOL
Yes ~ Mussels! But once I had them when in Belgium, I was hooked! Steamed in a big pot with a special dipping sauce and served with "Frites" (french fries!!) Yummy!!
Kimbuckjr said…
Hi Kimberly! May I start off by saying...You have an absolute GORGEOUS name! Hee-hee-hee-hee! Ok, ok, I'm partial/bias!
Anyway, onto my comment.
I'm with you...I WILL NOT EAT LAMB. Actually, I don't eat red meat at all. The thought of those poor little animals turn my stomach. I know, I know, what about chickens, how come I don't feel for them? Well, in all honesty, I do feel for them, but I figure I need to get my protein from something and one cannot live on cheese & eggs alone, you know?

And I do NOT like Tofu! Eeek! I am fair though, I have tried everything at least once. Before I say I don't like it or I won't eat it, I have to be far and at least try a bite or two, right?

Chicken is the only 'animal' product I eat. And while I eat chicken I cannot think of the animal itself or I get physically sick, it's rather disturbing. I know, I'm weird!

Anyway, thank you for reading my thoughts. I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts and views.

All my best,
Kim as kimbuckjr
Romapr said…
I was with some friends and some people I didn't know at a outing. I thought we were eating cheeseburgers from a cow. So I said something about cows and to the guy barbecuing he said, "Oh theses aren't cows these are from deer." I felt obligated to eat it. I didn't the people who provided the food. So I did the best I could. Yuck never again. I had about four bites. Too gamey for my taste. :-(