Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Baby Got Back Conjoined Cherries

Okay so over the weekend we celebrated Emilio's 2nd birthday. It was a fun BBQ get together with friends and family. For the BBQ I put together my own fruit plate with fruit from the local fruit stand. To my surprise as I was washing the cherries I came across a mutant conjoined twin cherry. I stem and two cherries! This seemed like a small miracle to me but it must not be that crazy for cherries because I found two more just like it!

Is it just me or do the twins look like the butts from Sir Mixalot's Baby Got Back video?

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shopannies said…
love to find oddities like this
Tammy said…
Only you!!! Just like the popsicles!
Anonymous said…
LOL Cute!

My mom and I like to eat cherries and spit the seeds at the kids... LOL

They dont think its funny. But I do!
blueviolet said…
That's a lot of back right there in that cherry butt.
JamericanSpice said…
Cherry butt. lol

Love it!
Abby said…
Hey it was so nice to meet you last night! I loved the movie how about you?
Cheryl said…
I just got a big bag of beautiful cherries and as we were eating them, we found 3 conjoined cherries that my daughter said resembled my butt. GASP I told her, well see if you get any more of my cherries girly poo!