Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Happy 2nd Birthday Emilio!

Its official: Emilio has entered the Terrible Two's! All though he is such a little stinker that I think that we have been living with that stage for the last six months at least! I can hardly believe that its been two years, its gone by quick. My how time flies when your chasing little people all day long!

Happy Birthday Emilio!

We'll be looking forward to a little something like this tonight....

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He looks so engrossed eating. It that a cupcake? Happy 2nd birthday!!
Run DMT said…
Cute photo! Oh those two! Of course, it didn't seem to get much better for me. Each stage has had its own challenges with my girls.

Happy Birthday, Emilio! :-)
I am Harriet said…
Too cute. Happy birthday!

Have a great Wednesday!
Pam Ponder said…
how cute he looks so serious eating that cupcake!!!!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I love the cake face!
blueviolet said…
Make sure you shove some cake in your own face too!

Happy Birthday, little guy!
Tammy said…
Happy 2nd Birthday Emilio...I can't believe it! I know for a fact he is a little stinker!! :)
Alicia said…
Oh my gosh, what a cutie!!!! Happy Birthday, Emilio!!! Gotta love those crazy 2's!
Katie said…
happy birthday!!
Happy birthday little one!