Aloha Friday - I Was Robbed!


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Have you ever been a victim of a robbery?

Last night, we flew in from San Francisco after a fun little company business meeting that I accompanied Oscar on. It was awesome and everything was paid for - which made it that much more awesome! My parents met us with the kids for dinner when they picked us up at the airport. After dinner we had just enough time to head home and get the boys to basketball practice at our local YMCA.

That is when all hell broke loose. We were running short on time so we didn't have a chance to stop at home and drop off our luggage. The practice was only an hour so we weren't too worried about it. Practice was great and when it was over we headed back to the car.

Only to discover that we had been robbed!!!! All of our luggage and the baby's diaper bag were stolen. They also found Benji's DSi. Thankfully Oscar's was hidden and they missed it. It had the new game that we just got him for his birthday as his special gift because we were gone.

So, in total they got my laptop, my camera, my video camera, Oscar's PSP, Benji's DSi, my expensive jewelry - both of our expensive watches too, about $300 worth of my makeup, all of my brand new clothes - including bras and spanx - ladies we all know how expensive that stuff is!

In total I estimate about $5000 lost, just off the top of my head.

The worst part about this whole thing is that my oldest Oscar is so upset. He instantly started crying when he found out what happened. He is terrified that the thieves are going to come to our home and take him. Thankfully we have an alarm system so that is giving him, and us, some peace of mind. I hate that my seven year old is feeling terrified in his own home. He also asked me if they put a bomb on the car too. I am so pissed that this whole thing happened, but I am angry as hell that my baby is scared to death.

I am also so sad, because many of the things that were stolen are irreplaceable. Our cameras had photos and videos of all three of our son's latest birthdays - over 1000 pictures in total. Most of the jewelry that was stolen was given to me by my husband on special occasions, my diamond earrings, my diamond bracelet, even my crappy silver jewelry that I love because we got it on our honeymoon.

Its all gone. The police officer told me that we won't likely ever see any of it again. And all though most of these possessions can eventually be replaced,

I am heartbroken.

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omg so sad to hear!!! I hate that this happened to you and your family! =(
That is terrible!! So sorry :(
Rach said…
that's horrible news, i do hope you get at least some of your stuff back. Thankfully I've never been the victi of a robbery, but a couple of weeks ago my sister and her children were in a car accident and the kiuds are still having nightmares from it, so I sympathise with your litte one's feelings.
A few years ago someone broke into my truck while we were in the YMCA. They only stole about $40 in money, but I felt sooo violated.
Katie said…
that is so horrible :( I'm so sorry! I have been mugged before, which I guess is similar to being robbed.
TXsunlover said…
I hate to hear when anyone gets robbed. We've had 2 vehicles stolen and we've been broken into once in a rental house and twice in an apartment. It sucks.
bayctygrl said…
oh no! :( I am so sorry.

I haven't been robbed like that, but my house was broken into when I was a teen. Some of parents stuff were stolen.
Annie said…
OMG, so sad to hear about it. I haven't been robbed.
Hannah said…
Wow I am so sorry! That is truly horrible. People are so nasty! They will pay for their crime eventually, even if the police don't catch them!
I would be heartbroken, too. I am so sorry you had to go through that. How sad. =(

I have never been robbed.
Haylee said…
oh gosh, I am so terribly sorry. My older brother is a heroin addict and has stolen from me (and my family) multiple times. :(
It's the most dreadful feeling, my heart goes out to you.
Romapr said…
That is horrible! So sorry for you! :( Some people are just awful.
katklaw777 said…
This is so sad...sorry you had to go thru this terrible ordeal.
Thinking of you and hoping for happier times.......
I am SO sorry! We have been lucky not to experience that yet, but my mom's home was broken into just before Christmas last year. Logan (my then 5 year old) was terrified that bad guys were going to break into our house next, and went to bed scared for weeks after that. We prayed with him and tried our best to reassure him, but it just took time for him to feel comfortable again. It is infuriating the lasting effect the thieves have on us even after the initial damage is done.
Praying for Oscar and hope he will be ok soon. And hoping you get your stuff back as well. Why do they seem to find the stuff that has the most meaning? The person who broke into my mom's home took her sentimental jewelry as well, like some of her mom's (my grandma) jewelry. Grandma passed a few years ago... Stinks!
Anonymous said…
OMGosh! That just royally sucks ass. I am so bummed for you. I just dont even know what else to say...

Hope the thief's crotch is attacked by a thousand fire ants. =)
Becca said…
That is so terrible. There is nothing anyone can say to make you feel better after losing things that are irreplaceable.

I am a strong believer in karma...the thieves will get theirs!
Betty N said…
I am so sorry you and your family are having to deal with something like that. There have been a bunch of "smash and grab" robberies from cars at a new local park in our area. It does make one more fearful. The only thing I had happen to me was when I was walking to the store in our neigborhood, a car drove quickly right beside me, someone reached out and took my purse right off my shoulder. Thankfully, I was not hurt so I walked home and told my husband and we immediately called our credit card companies that the cards had just been stolen and we called a locksmith to change the locks on our doors because my keys were in my purse and my driver's license would tell them where I live.