Friends You Love - A Month Long Celebration of Sisterhood, Friendship and More

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.
-- Francesco Guicciardini

In 1999, Kappa Delta Sorority created National Women's Friendship Day and in 2009, the celebration was expanded to the entire month of September. In 2010, it is expanding to International Women's Friendship Month, the celebration offers all women the opportunity to honor their special friends.


Women have a special way of bonding with each other that bears no comparison to the way that men bond. I can honestly say that my best friends in the universe are women. My besties just get me. Even if they don't agree with me or like what I have to say they get what I mean. Women are very intuitive and because we are feeling based it makes it much easier for us to connect with one another. It takes a simple commonality and boom - just like that - a friendship can be born. I think the reason that women can get along on so many different levels is that we enjoy sharing our experiences with each other. We are good listeners, great storytellers and that can lead to some fantastic friendships.

I am lucky that I have several good girlfriends that have been there for me for more than half of my life. Most of my girlfriends I know from high school but my very best friend in the world I have known since the sixth grade. She knows me better than anyone, even Oscar. She knows what I am saying even when I don't tell the whole story or what I mean without saying a word. There are few people in this world that truly get one another and I am glad that she gets me. Its not always easy. We are very different people, with different likes and tastes. But no one understands me better. She knows my history, my issues, my strengths, my weaknesses - everything about me. This month, International Women's Friendship Month, marks that we have been friends for twenty years. TWENTY YEARS. I'm sure that we are both wondering when in the hell we got so old! The funny thing is I remember the day we met as clear as day. She was the friendliest person that I had ever met and I knew that she was someone worth getting to know.

I am one of those people that welcomes friends in any shape, form or fashion. I don't think that it is possible to ever have too many friends. If you are nice to me, damn sure that I will be nice to you. One thing that surprised me about blogging is that I would make such great friends through my blog. I have met so many wonderful ladies, gents too, that have added to my blog, my life and my circle of friends. I have made connections with so many great women. Only in the blogiverse would I be able to find tons of moms with just boys - only they know my heartache of not having a little girl. Or moms that review products, or housewives that share my Peggy Bundy mentality, or one of my latest friend finds - a gal also married to a man from El Salvador - what are odds?

For the month of September, 2010, a small group of women bloggers, myself included, have come together to celebrate friendship. All month long, we will be hosting events, contests, reviews, giveaways, and Twitter parties all in the name of friendship! A separate Friends You Love blog will serve as our hub and link you to where you need to be in order to play along. In addition, you will find links and events on our individual sites leading you around the Blogiverse in hopes that you too will celebrate the gift of friendship!



adrienzgirl said…
I am so excited and honored to be part of this celebration with all you fabulous ladies! Let the party begin!
Chelle said…
Can't wait!! This is going to be so much fun!

Loved your post!
That One Mom said…
I'm so glad you joined us for this!!
SurferWife said…
So nice to meet you! This month should be fun.
The Blue Zoo said…
This is gonna be a blast! =)

Hey, how did you get your scrolly ad to scroll?!
blueviolet said…
I can't believe how many of my friends are in this!
Daffy said…
Peggy Bundy mentality - Oh girl! I luv ya already! SOO looking forward to the activities this month and getting to know you better!
Tammy said…
Let the friendship fun begin!
Beautiful post. Truly the real deal (btw: I found Poppy and followed the trail, what does this mean? ;)!) and my BFF and I know one another for that long and then some and it's AMAZING!!!