Nutrisystem - What the food really looks like

Before I started Nutrisystem the thing that I was most curious about was what the food actually looked like and how it was packaged. I thought that a quick post showing you one of my favorite dinners was a great way for you to see first hand what the food was all about.

I love pizza. I mean LOVE pizza! I was really happy when I opened my box of food to see that pizza was one of the dinner options. I was a little curious to see what it looked like prior to being cooked and how it would turn out after being cooked. Here is what it looks like right out of the box. You can see that each portion is carefully vacuum sealed.


The Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza has only 270 calories. There are 10 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbs and 11 grams of protein.

After I removed the contents from the box I was ready to assemble it. First I took the flatbread out of the pouch and put it on the plate.

Then I cut open the sauce packet and squeezed it onto the flatbread. I took a knife and spread it evenly all over the flatbread.

Then I opened the cheese packet and sprinkled the cheese over the sauce.

Then I put it in the microwave for minute and a half. After I let it cool for a minute it was ready to eat!

So, what did it taste like? I have to say pretty good. Obviously its not the best pizza I have ever eaten but it is absolutely not the worst. I would say it falls right in the middle. I love that when I am craving pizza that I can eat it. This pizza and a nice salad with a side of carrot sticks was a delicious dinner that was satisfying and very filling.

My Progress Update

This last week had a lot of challenges as my schedule was crazy busy. I was trying to get as much as I could together for my blog and my family because I was preparing for Oscar's 7th birthday party on Saturday. Not to mention today we are leaving this morning for my husband's annual business trip that I get to attend with him. So much to do and to pack for the kids to go to grandma's and for us to go to San Francisco. My biggest challenge with eating the food this week was that I simply just didn't eat enough of it. When my days are super packed with activities I find that I eliminate eating all together. Not because I want to, but because there simply isn't enough time in the day to eat as many times as I am supposed to and get my To Do list taken care of. Once we get back it will calm down and I will be able to focus on myself again.

I foresee my biggest challenge next week will be dining out. The company provides breakfasts and lunches for two of the days and I know that I can definitely stick to the plan in the buffet line. There are usually lots of fruits and veggie options. What I am most worried about is dinner. I will be bringing my Nutrisystem food diary with me to help decipher which foods to stay away from when dining out. I love that it has a list of commonly used terms on restaurant menus so you know if they are healthy options or not. Plus it also has a grading system for the choices so it easier to decide what you should eat vs. what you shouldn't. I do plan on indulging myself one night out of the trip, out of all the paid dinners I want to fully enjoy just one.

Because of my lack of eating and drinking water this last week I didn't lose any weight. I didn't gain any either though so that's good I suppose. I did work out to Just Dance again, it was a fun activity that I am able to do with my two year old. I love that we can do it together and he is having fun while I am breaking a sweat. Its very motivating to know that I can get an aerobic workout while he is the room. Something that I would have assumed to be impossible I have found is very possible. Once I get back in town I plan to try to play the Wii with him a few times a day to help jumpstart my metabolism.

So that's it for now - I will catch up with you all when I return!

*Nutrisystem is providing me with the program free of charge in exchange for my time and commitment to blog about my experience with the Nutrisystem Program.*



blueviolet said…
Maintaining is a good'll start to come off. That pizza looks good to me. I'm all about pizza! Fun to see what their food looks like!
mitch1066 said…
This is interesting!Could you show food against your hand size or ruler so i could get an idea of what their portion size is?
Nutrisystem said…
Have you visited our online community discussion forums? Our members create some pretty amazing pizzas using their veggies, "free foods" and protein servings (ie: ff cheese or turkey pepperoni). They share these ideas in the Food Talk forum or Recipe forum. There are also pizza recipes under the Tips and Recipes Tab>Recipe Club. Best wishes!
Try tossing it in the toaster oven or regular oven - I know microwave is easier, but they tend to be tough & chewy then. The toaster oven will make it crispy & piping hot & oh-so-delicious, especially when you toss in vegetables!
Mami2jcn said…
I've done Nutrisystem in the past. It worked for me, but I just found it too pricey since I had to buy groceries separately for the rest of the family. My favorite Nutrisystem meal used to be the black beans and rice. I thought it was pretty tasty.

Good luck!

mami2jcn at gmail dot com
Glogirl said…
The pizza actually looks good! I have never heard of Nutrisystem before. There are so many diet plans out there! You seem very committed to losing weight and your committment will carry you a long way toward achieving your weight loss goal. Keep it up!
Brenda Young said…
Wow! I'm impressed at how non-gross that pizza looks!
Haylee said…
hmm i'm surprised, it doesn't look bad at all! What about the burgers though? Those always look sketchy to me in the commercials..
clc408 said…
I've often wondered what the food in these weight loss programs actually looks like. While it's definitely not Pizza Hut, it doesn't look too bad.