Sometimes I think that the Universe is against me.... I swear

Summer is almost over and I haven't accomplished any where near what I have hoped. This is the last week before school starts and I am majorly behind. In fact, majorly is probably the understatement of the century.

About once two or three weeks I get a day to get things in order, one of those days where the kids are otherwise occupied, I am alone. Or Oscar is home to handle all of the kids needs. Same dif. Anyways, last month, my day was going to be the day after we got home from our business trip to San Francisco. I had a ton of things planned for my blog that I needed to get posted. I was excited to get those things accomplished.

Sadly, as you may know if you follow me regularly, the night that we arrived home all of our luggage was stolen out of our car. Since then I have spent the past few weeks dealing with credit card companies, banks, police - you name it. Not to mention the insurance company. Identity theft is a nightmare. I wouldn't wish this whole mess of crazy on my worst enemy.

Luckily, thanks to Home Depot, one of the criminals using my ID was caught. Only one of the many though. The cashier on duty was actually smart enough to notice that the woman using my Home Depot card and my ID, even my social security card, she looked nothing like me. Home Depot credit services called me at home to ask me if I was shopping at Home Depot, to which I replied "HELL NO! Stop that woman!", and luckily from there she was detained and arrested. Its a small win, but a win nonetheless.

I wish that I could go all McGiver on their asses and find the scumbags involved and bust them myself but I seriously don't have the testicular fortitude needed to do it. I don't want to place myself in a bad part of town without any police back up just to try to get my laptop back. My safety just isn't worth it. Quite frankly neither is my time. Too much of my valuable time has been spent dealing with this crap and I can't wait for this whole thing to one day be done and over with. Unfortunately from what I hear from other identity theft victims, I could be waiting for a very long time. This will undoubtedly come back to haunt me again and again over the next several years. Yaaaaayyyyyyyyy :(

Anyways, so that was the whole theft thing was the first thing that got me feeling that things were never gonna go my way, that I was never going to get caught up. Luckily all the PR reps that I have been dealing with have been extremely understanding about my situation, that this was something that I had to drop everything I was working on and deal with, whether I liked it or not.

So that brings me to current gripe. Just as I am starting to see things looking up again the universe decides to send me yet another blast in the face.

One thing that I have wanted all summer is just one day without the boys around that I could dedicate to blogging and getting organized. Just ONE DAY people. Is that too much to ask? Finally my day had come! Friday I had arranged for my parents to pick up my boys and drop them off at Oscar's mom's for the weekend. I was going to have all day Friday to get stuff done before I had to work Saturday morning, then that night we were going to drive to Bend Oregon and stay the night to go to a funeral on Sunday.

I wasn't getting the whole weekend to accomplish things just that one day. That one, beautiful day. I got up Friday, got the kids dressed, packed and ready to go. Literally ten minutes after they left that morning....

I got sick!!!!

Like so, so, so sick. I couldn't eat, drink or move. I was a zombie. All I could do was lie in bed and try to sleep away the stomach pains. Nothing worked. NOTHING. Then I ended up having the worst stomach flu/foodpoisoning/acid reflux of my life. Oscar drove me to the doctor to get their opinion but that only made things worse. As soon as I walked in there the smell of cleaning agents instantly made me want to vomit. I ran to the ladies just in time to make it to the sink. I felt horrible. At this point I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to recover in time to get anything done. I was yucky feeling that death was a welcome thought.

I was out for the whole weekend! Nothing to show for my days without the kids. This is why I think that universe is against me. I had three days without the kids - WHICH NEVER HAPPENS - and I laid in bed sick as a dog for two and half of them. I finally started feeling human again on Sunday. By then I had missed getting all caught up, missed work and missed the funeral we were going to attend.

See? The universe is against me.

The only blessing that came from this whole ordeal is that after being in bed for three days straight I feel completely rested and caught up on my sleep. I am not tired at all. In fact now that my stomach is up to par again I feel very refreshed. Ready to take on the world. Scratch that, the universe.



JDaniel4's Mom said…
I am so sorry about the break-in in your car. What a mess! Glad you feel better.
Tammy said…
Good catching up yesterday afternoon! Sorry you are still behind...when the kids go out to play...start working girl!
blueviolet said…
I am sooooo sorry! I'm thinking it has to all be upwards from here!
Hannah said…
Wow you poor thing! What a nightmare you are going through. Sorry to hear that!
Barbarawr said…
Wow - listening to YOUR life makes MY life sound SO much better. Maybe I should get sick, too, so I can get caught up on MY sleep and then I'll stop thinking the universe is against me, too :-)