Wanna Laugh Your Ass Off? You'll never believe what Benji did with Bandaids the other day!

Okay, so I know that many of my hilarious stories that I tell about my children pretty much revolve around Benji. I can't help it though, he is just too damn funny! He says the funniest things and he DOES the funniest things. Things that Oscar at his age never, ever, thought to do. Check out what happened the other day...

I was in my bedroom watching TV while Emilio was napping in my bed. Benji comes into my room right after he left the bathroom. I notice that when he comes in he is holding his crotch area. Weird.

Benji: So, Mommy, I think I have an owie right here - two owies actually. As he is holding and pointing to his junk But don't look at it though, you can't look at it. I don't want you to look at it. I think there's blood.

Me: What? Bleeding? Benji, I'm sorry but if you have an owie down there I have to look at it. I need to make sure that you are okay. Sorry bud.

Benji: Okay, if you have to. Let's do it in your bathroom. Quickly though!

So we go into my bathroom and Benji proceeds to pull down his pants. Immediately I notice that he is wearing some new red underwear. However, I was not prepared for what occurred next - he pulled down his underwear and -

his penis was covered in bandaids!

He had wrapped one around the head and then put one straight across the middle of his testicles.

I wish I had a camera - not that I would show it to anyone publicly, but I swear it was so funny looking that I didn't think his Dad should miss out on it!

It was the funniest thing I had seen in a very long time. It was all I could do not laugh at that very moment. After all, he said he was bleeding, so I didn't want to make fun if he did indeed have an injury.

After explaining to Benji that he should never put bandaids on his penis, which took a minute for it to sink in, I slowly and carefully took the bandaids off. Which after taking them off Benji began to understand exactly why he shouldn't put bandaids there.

I checked him over carefully only to discover that the "blood" he was so worried about was only red fuzz from his new undies!

Then I started to laugh. I just couldn't help it. This was only something that Benji would do.

Me: Okay Benji, there are no owies on your penis - its just fuzz from your underwear! You don't have anything wrong with you. Of course at this point I am still giggling a little bit!

Benji: starts giggling too, Oh! I saw red and thought it had to be blood! I didn't know that it was fuzz! Thanks Mommy!

Me: Your welcome Benji! Now go wash your hands again and no more bandaids without asking me first dude!

So as soon as he left the room I started laughing again. Benji is too much! I had to call his Dad and tell him the story. I swear, only Benji! I'm so glad he told me about it sooner rather than later though. Can you imagine how bad that would have been to have to rip off bandaids in a hurry the next time he needed to go to bathroom?



oh gosh poor baby.... and he was such a big boy about it too :)
You'll probably remind him of this day when he is about to get married. "Remember the day you covered your penis in band-aids?"

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katklaw777 said…
You are right, I am LMAO!!!
Cute story, thanks for sharing.
bayctygrl said…
Hahaha! Omg! that one is priceless!
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Tammy said…
ROFL...I can just hear his little voice telling you this! :)
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I hope JDaniel doesn't get this idea.
Anonymous said…
LMAO!! I cant believe I didnt see this post earlier!! Oh my gosh that is just so damn funny!!