What Happened to My Little Baby? Where did the last seven years go?

Today is my oldest son's birthday. Happy 7th Birthday Oscar! It's so hard to believe that he is turning into to such a big boy! He starts second grade in the fall and he is so excited. I'm excited to see him so eager to learn. Each day he matures more and more. I love it!

Sadly, since we are out of town for a business trip this is the very first time that I have ever been away from one of my babies on their birthday. I think that I am more broken up about it than he is. I feel like such a bad mommy for not being there on his special day. I know that he is in good hands with his Abuela and his Tios, plus later tonight my parents are taking him and his brothers to Chuck E Cheese. He will probably hardly miss me at all, but my heart will be aching that I won't be with him. I am breaking my seven year streak of being with him the minute that he turns another year older. That really sucks. I feel so bad about it that I arranged for my mom to give him one last special present from us on his actual birthday while we are on the phone with him. He had his party on Saturday with his friends and he thinks that he has gotten all the presents that he is going to get. Giving him this last gift makes me feel just a teensy weensy bit better about not being with him.

We had his party at the coolest - and cheapest - place ever, Shankz Mini Golf. There were arcade games and after cake and presents were all done the kids got to go through the blacklight mini golf course with 3-D glasses on. It was really, really fun. I would totally do it again! Here are some of the pictures I captured on Saturday:

Oscar and Benji together playing mini golf

I thought this one of Benji was really cool.

Oscar and one of his classmates that came to his party.

Here he is blowing out all seven candles.

Happy Birthday Oscar! I love you so much and I can't wait to see you when we get home. Have a great birthday, I miss you!



Anonymous said…
Awwww!! That looks like a ton of fun!! And dont feel bad, its only one day. And it sounds like youve already made it up to him!!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
It sounds like he had a wonderful party. The milestones are important to me too.
Tammy said…
Happy Birthday Oscar! It's okay mom, you'll be back soon! Enjoy your little getaway! :)
roswell said…
i remember those feelings , how hard it was as they slowly start spending time in places were you are not, i have 3 teenagers now and someone is always away and it never gets any easier, enjoy this age , 7 is great , he is more independent yet still tied very close to home, soon he will be off doing his own thing with his friends and you will miss these days , even the few days you miss , he wont mind you missed it looks like he was having a ball, ENJOY, such fun and it goes soo fast