Win Awesome Stuff from Coach with the Coach Poppy Project!

You might have noticed that I have some fun little "poppies" growing down the left side of my blog! I am participating in the Coach Poppy Project. I heard about this awesome promotion from my buddy Tammy from Tammy's Two Cents. She put the poppies up on her blog a few days ago and by doing so she was one of the lucky winners of a $100 Coach gift card. What is even cooler is that someone visiting her blog noticed a Coach Poppy purse hiding in the poppies so not only did Tammy get a $100 gift card but her blog visitor did too!

After hearing this I just had to find out what the Poppy Project was all about! Especially after having all my favorite purses and wallets stolen I really could use a new purse - and I sure wouldn't mind a Coach purse, not one bit!

So here's the deal, to help me grow my poppies you can click on the poppies and a twitter box will open so you can tweet the message. My message is:

Grow, Poppy! Grow! #CoachPoppy #prettypinkmomma

There are 3 ways to participate:

  • Grow the Pattern - Tweet using #CoachPoppy to make all of the patterns grow, or use a participating site’s personal #hashtag (mine is #prettypinkmomma) to make that pattern grow. “Like” the Poppy Project on Facebook. Try secret keywords. Be creative!
  • Look for Suprises - Look for Poppy surprises in the pattern. If you spot a Coach Poppy bag, it’s your lucky day! Just click on the bag for a special gift.

  • Join the Project - Enter your site into the Poppy Project. Start now!



Tammy said…
You go girl! Good luck! I will go and plant a poppy for you! :)
Some Lucky Dog said…
Good luck! I'll keep planting for you :)
Chisum's Crew said…
planting poppies for you. good luck! trinitygsd at yahoo dot com