Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Baby Luggage

I woke one morning a few weeks ago and looked down to find Emilio getting all comfy in one of my pieces of luggage that was next to my bed. I had it there in preparation for the trip that I was packing for. I thought it was so cute and funny when I looked down and found him all cozied up like it was his own personal baby bed! He fit perfectly! What a goofball. (please excuse the crappy photos - they were taken with my blackberry!)

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What a CUTIE! :) Those are great pics.
Anonymous said…
Aw!! He is adorable!

But Im totally gonna tease you about that pacifier! LOL Oh well, as long as he gives it up before college right? Kidding! =)
Night Owl mama said…
Little stinker looks like he fits perfect
Run DMT said…
LOL Your luggage doubles as a sleeper. He looks so comfy!
Jen said…
You know, have baby will travel. :)
I am Harriet said…
That is so sweet!

Have a great Wednesday!
THe only camera I ever have close by when a GOOD photo op comes up is my phone...
Following you now from 5 Mins. Come check us out and follow back!
Pam Ponder said…
how cute!!!!

Happy wordless wednesday!
That is adorable!! I don't know how kids can fall asleep anywhere! Stopping by from 5 Minutes for Mom, Wordless Wednesday
What a cute pic! Happy WW!D
Kids do the cutest things! So sweet, glad you caught this on some sort of film! Mrs. Hart
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I love how happy he is to be hanging out there.
sheila said…
OMG, that is the cutest I've seen in a while! (WW) And...you could save a fortune in airfare! lol. (you know i'm only kidding! lol)
I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use.
Anonymous said…
Awh! LOL.

BTW - one of my sons has the middle name "Emilio". Love it.
Erica C. said…
I love the little wink it looks like he's giving at the end.