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This month is about building friendships and making our existing friendships stronger.  This will be the last guest post for the month.  Head on over to the Friends You Love blog and check out some awesome guest posters from the past few weeks.  


My last Guest Poster is M, from My Little Review Corner.  She is a very experienced blogger but has just recently decided to try her hand at review blogging.  She loves to write and enjoys blogging to the core!  Go read her thoughtful post on friends for life and then head over to visit her blog.


Friends for Life

I've always had a lot of people in my life that I've enjoyed spending time with but who I know, ultimately, are friends due to circumstances (through school, work or mutual acquiantances) rather than being friends for life. That being said, I've also been really blessed because I have some friends that I call my "friends for life".

Many of my "friends for life" are people that I've known since we were children. We great up together, separating at one time or another because we went to different schools or moved to different cities. We got married, had children and got busy with life. But, despite all of these reasons to lose our relationships, it only reinforced why we are still friends.

The best thing about my "friends for life" is that, no matter what length of time passes or how circumstances change, we can pick up right where we left off. My friend J is a perfect example. We were best friends growing up, until we entered high school. We went to different schools, traveled in different social circles and eventually even moved away from one another. Despite all of these changes, whenever we spoke on the phone or saw one another, we'd catch up on what had happened (even if it involved years!) and pick up where we left off! A few years ago we ended up living relatively closely to one another and began spending a lot of time together. It is great because, even though we often went years without seeing one another, we have never stopped being friends!

These friends don't replace other friends that I have made, but I appreciate the fact that, no matter what happens, I know that these women accept me for who I am without judgement. We've seen one another through countless joys and tragedies. We've laughed together, cried together, vented to one another and, ultimately, never stopped loving each other.

My girls are my friends for life and, despite all that can happen, will never changed. I am a lucky woman!


Imaginative Me said…
Friends like that are the best! I have a few that I have and will cherish forever!
Maggie said…
Thanks for sharing my writing here! I loved the opportunity and posted about it here:

Daffy said…
Its so important to have friends like that. I've recently reconnected with a friend that I haven't talked with in nearly 10 years and its as if nothing has changed although MUCH has. It is a wonderful comfort amid a whirlwind of change in my life now.
slehan said…
It's just nice to have friends who 'knew you when' and can relate to who you were as well as who you are now. A shared history is good.