Get Cozy Year Round With Next To Skin Soft Wool Apparel from Rambler's Way

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

One major reason that I love Fall and Winter is that I get to bring my favorite wool sweaters out of the closet and start wearing them again.   Even though I love them, and the way that they look, I have sensitive skin and they can be a bit itchy so I always have to wear a tank top underneath.  Wool is all ready so warm and heavy that I hate having to add a another layer underneath.  I live in the NW so it gets cold but not that cold!

I recently just found out about a new skin soft wool that can be worn year round!  This new wool is supposedly super fine and very soft on skin.  This extraordinary new wool is made by Rambler's Way.  Their worsted wool garments are soft and light weight, cool and warm equally so that the garments are comfortable to wear no matter what the season.  Rambler's Way has some great stuff for men and women that make you want to just cozy up and get comfy.

If I could go on a $200 shopping spree at Rambler's Way I would grab a Henley Long Sleeve, a Scoop Neck Short Sleeved Top and a Camisole.

Henley Long Sleeve $90

Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Top (Long) $75

Camisole $55

Rambler's Way has definitely changed my perspective on wool apparel.  I used to think that it had to be itchy, heavy and only worn in the cold.  I think that its really cool that Rambler's Way has found a way to create super skin soft wool that is versatile and can be worn all year round.  All of the wool clothing available looks so luxurious and yet it gives this vibe that if you wear it you will be wrapped in comfort.

Rambler's Way has cracked the comfy wool code and I can't wait to get my free sample of their wool in the mail.  If you want to experience the way the worsted wool feels before you buy, Rambler's Way offers free samples of the material so that you will know first hand exactly how soft the wool is before you purchase. I think that their garments would make great gifts for the impending holidays.  

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Amber said…
Wow -this looks like the perfect thing to wear under heavy sweaters and help me layer in the winter!
Kimbuckjr said…
I need to check out Rambler's Way! I'm a big fan of wool when it's freezing outside, but like you, I associate wool with itchy and very HOT! I'm convinced that I will enjoy wearing anything from Rambler's Way! Thank you SO much for the awesome review! I enjoyed the read!!