I'm Co-hosting a Conversation at The Motherhood Today - I would love to see you there! One guest will win a Designer Diaper Bag from Pink Lining

Please join me today as I co-host a conversation at The Motherhood featuring author Alison Gopnik.  Alison will be talking about her new book, The Philosophical Baby - What Children's Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life, a New York Times besteller and Editors Choice.  Alison is a professor of Psychology at the University of California and Berkeley and also co-authored The Scientist in the Crib. 

A group of my favorite bloggers will also be co-hosting this chat and I look forward to hearing their take on the idea that our infants and toddlers are smarter, more thoughtful and more conscious than adults. 

The chat starts at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 a.m PT and will last 30 minutes.

It's all text so there's no video, dial-in or anything that warrants getting out of your PJs.

TheMotherhoood: http://www.themotherhood.com/talk/show/id/62068

Co-hosting the chat with me are these wonderful mom bloggers:

- Bing Yuan, Ice Fairy Treasure Chest 

- Christina McMenemy, A Mommy Story                

- Joey Fortman, Real Mom in the Media

- Liz, Goddess in Progress

- Melissa Angert, girlymama

- Rachel Matthews,  A Southern Fairytale

- Victoria, Veep Veep         

In the giveaway bag: a super-stylish diaper bag from London designer Pink Lining, a copy of Alison's book, and a copy of the fully-updated second edition of Heading Home with Your Newborn.

As an added bonus - if you decide to participate in the chat you can add 10 extra entries to my $30 VISA Gift Card reader appreciation giveaway!  For the entries to count please tell me in your comments your username in the chat session.

See you there!



Tammy said…
Crap! I missed it! I was upstairs riding the bike since the rain was so bad and I totally forgot. Got hooked into The Views 3000th episode. Sorry girl...will you forgive me?