Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Boys, Bicycles and Helmets, Oh My!

Yesterday was an exciting day for Oscar.  He is seven years old but never he has never really wanted to learn how to ride a bike.  He hated that the pedals didn't go backwards and that they stopped the bike from moving so he just gave up.  This summer he watched as all of his friends in the neighborhood rode around on their bikes, and I guess this last weekend was the final straw as he watched the younger girls in our neighborhood finally take off their training wheels and ride around like the big kids.

On Monday he came inside and unbeknownst to me while he was playing outside with the neighborhood kids he taught himself how to ride a bike!  No training wheels, just the determination to not be the only kid his age that doesn't know how to ride a bike.  We were so proud - and amazed!

Did I mention the fact that I LOVE my neighborhood?  The kids are so wonderful and play together so well!  They took turns letting Oscar ride their bikes so he could learn. Isn't that sweet?  This picture is of Oscar riding Brad's bike, Tammy's Two Cents's son.  He has been so nice to let Oscar ride his bike while he rides his sister's.  And she has been so nice to let Brad ride hers so Oscar could ride his!  I am so grateful that Oscar has such a good friend.

Then Benji just had to get in on the action and today he tried to ride the little bike that we had originally got for Oscar when he was four.  So today Benji took his first attempt at riding a bike - with training wheels.

And then Emilio just had to get in on the action and take out his little scooter too!  He adores his big brothers and simply must attempt to do whatever it looks like they are doing.  Cause if they are doing it, it must be fun!

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Night Owl Mama said…
Boys will be boys but it's a good thing they ride Safely! My little guy loves his scooter too!
Anonymous said…
Aw!! How cool! Gavin is 9 and still doesnt ride a bike. And neither do my other boys. I dont know what it is that they think is so scary about a bike!
great shots! Looks like fun too.
Katie said…
how awesome is that? Way to go! And two thumbs up for the neighbor kids!

My 4 year old made us take of his training wheels on Sunday! He is still nervous but did great. Until his 9 yr old brother ran him off the sidewalk, he crashed, and skinned his ankle. Arg!
Thanks for sharing :)
Awwww! What a great milestone! Looks like you live in the perfect neighborhood! That's the one thing I don't like about where we live - we're on a busy main road, so there's no place for Princess Nagger to ride to finally shed those training wheels (she's 7, too!) And we don't have kids her age around here. Maybe we'll have to move into your neighborhood! ;)

WW: Why I Like Kids
royaldixie said…
What great pictures! I also love the name Oscar!
lfhpueblo said…
That's determination when you go out there and teach yourself. He's going to be able to succeed at anything he wants to really do if he's already starting at this age.
Little ones wants to do what big brothers do too:) Lots of fun!
Oh how cute is that last photo! I love that shot. Looks like a good time was had by all.
Tammy said…
Those were great pics! I love the one of Emilio doing his thing too!
sksweeps said…
My daughter didn't like her training wheels, and didn't try without them. She finally decided she wasn't going to be a bike rider. Too bad we didn't have your neighbors to encourage her because I think it's a nice skill to have.

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