Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Road Trip To Grandma's House - Old School Style!

A week ago I went on old school style family road trip with my parents and my brother to visit my 88 year old grandma.  She hadn't been feeling well so we didn't want to overwhelm her with my boys and my niece running around like banshees.  Before I went I wrote a post about how those trips used to go when I was little, pretty much it felt like time had stood still and my brother and I were kids again in the backseat while mom and dad stayed up front.  We each sat in our designated seats just as when I was growing up.  So of course I had to snap a few pics of the trip and the visit to grandma's house.

My big brother Bill

Me and my grandma

I set my camera to take this picture of all of us - my grandma was super confused and didn't understand what was happening!  You can tell by the look on her face!

My grandma loves to paint.  This is just a sampling of what her walls look like.  I have always wanted one of my grandma's paintings.  This trip I finally was able to take one home.  My brother too.  I love the landscape paintings the best.

This is the lovely painting that I snagged and now graces the entry of my home.  Its HUGE!  Also, its my favorite piece of art in the entire house. 

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readerbuzz said…
Family photos. These will be the ones you are glad you took when you are your grandma's age.

Here's my Wordless Wednesday:
sheila said…
As for the art, that's beautiful too. My husbands grandma STARTED painting at age 82! We are lucky enough to have 2 of her works hanging in our home. Just incredible.
Those are amazing paintings. I mean *amazing*. What a priceless reminder you have now!
Anonymous said…
Aw, your grandma looks sweet! And I love the painting. Your Grandma's got skills!
Niecey said…
Oh wow! Your Grandmother is an amazing artist! That's awesome. Looks like you had a great time.
Stacy Uncorked said…
What a fun family road trip! And wow!! Your Grandma has some AMAZING talent!!

WW: Goofy Contortionist
lfhpueblo said…
Your grandma is still super pretty for 88. She has such a loving face. She also shows that love through her really great paintings. Wow, the one you have looks like it should be hanging in an expensive gallery. I'm glad you got to have time to spend with her.
Twincerely,Olga said…
great pics! what beautiful paintings!!!!
Chacoy said…
Oh how I miss family trips to visit my grandpa;(
My grandpa lived about 30 minutes from us and every Sunday the whold family used to go to his house for dinner(we have a HUGE family) we used to play hopscotch, climb the mountains behind his house, play hide & seek, go to the corner store, and lay on the ground & watch Rags to Riches! haha On the way home we used to listen to Dr. Dimento on the radio and we would just laugh and ponder on what he was saying! lol
I sure miss Sunday's at granpas!!

Your grandma is adorable and very talented! She looks like me when I figured out that the mirror on the back of my phone was to take pictures!!