Community of Movement Week One is Completed! How Did it Go?

I just finished my second exercise workout this week as a Mommy Motivator.  Like - literally - I just finished my workout about twenty minutes ago.  I have to say, I feel awesome and I am so proud of myself for making the commitment to exercise and following through.  It really does help having an established time set and solid group of people that I know are waiting for me to connect with them.

So..... Here's How it Went

The First Phone Call

Each morning started with a group phone call between myself, the group leader Lisa and the other seven Mommy Motivators.  The first phone call focuses on getting you in the right frame of mind to exercise.  Lisa has very motivating statements and asks us to just open our minds to the experience.  Focus on doing the exercise for you because of the benefits of exercise, which helped to really remind myself that I do love to exercise.  I don't want to feel like its a chore - in reality its something that I want to do for myself.  Lisa also asked the group to share what we were doing for exercise that day as well as our feelings about getting started.  I personally felt anxious that first day.  I was really tired that morning and I wasn't sure how I would feel during and after exercising. 

The group call only lasts for about five minutes, just enough time to get motivated so that when you hang up you are ready to get started.  I found that it really helped me knowing that I had a group of women that were doing the same thing as I was and taking that time to do it together.  For exercise on Monday I decided to play Just Dance with my two year old.  He LOVES that game and enjoys dancing with me.  I love the game because I work up a huge sweat and the exercising - all though tiring - seems effortless.  There's no technique to worry about just movement.  Movement is the key goal of Community of Movement.  The group is really about inspiring you to get moving, however you want to and at what fitness level you are comfortable with.

The Exercise Portion

During the first group call this morning we were asked to think about a goal for our exercise.  This was really important for me.  I love setting goals when exercising because being as out of shape as I am, incremental goal setting positively encourages me to continue as I meet each goal.  My goal on Monday was simply to move and dance, see where the experience took me.  My goal for today was different.  I chose this time select some fitness programs from my On Demand cable that were level appropriate for me and follow them from start to finish.  I successfully completed two of the programs that I selected.  The first was more cardio associated and the second was about toning the ab area.  I was really excited because I found an ab routine that could be completed while standing so I didn't have to lay on the floor.  Laying on the floor on my back is extremely painful for me so I was happy to try something different to help strengthen my core.

The Reconnect Call Post Workout

After each 50 minute workout our group reconnects with another five minute call.  Lisa encourages us to share with each other how working out and accomplishing that goal makes us feel.  Its great to hear how the others feel, we share a lot of common feelings.  I think we all sound a bit more energized on the call after we have worked out.  Today I shared with the group how I met my goal of finding and completing an On Demand workout as well as adding some strengthening into my workout instead of all cardio. 

My Final Thoughts for the Week

On Monday after my workout, I felt energized the entire day.  Which is saying A LOT seeing as I was only operating on four hours sleep from the night before.  I found that not only did I meet the goal of adding exercise into my day but it actually catapulted my day.  I accomplished more things on Monday than I normally have the energy to do.  Tuesday I didn't make the time to work out and I didn't accomplish anywhere near what I did on Monday.  Today has just begun for me but all ready I am planning on meeting all the goals I set for today.  I am hopeful that I will do just as well as I did on Monday.

So far I have found Community of Movement to be very beneficial.  I make the time to commit to doing exercise and most importantly I follow through.  I am also learning how to incorporate exercise with my toddler around. Dealing with him was one reason that I have put off working out during the day or in the morning because I just didn't think I could get a good workout with him around.  I am now finding that isn't true and it is possible, a little tougher, but possible.  And easier than I thought too.  That in itself is motivating.

What To Look Forward To

Next week I plan to vlog my experience so you can see first hand what a typical session is like. So stay tuned...

If you really want to try out Community of Movement for yourself - which I completely recommend if you need the motivation like I did - Pretty Pink Momma will be giving away one, one month membership that can be redeemed in November or December to a lucky reader!  Keep an eye out for that giveaway coming up soon!

For more information about the Community of Movement you can also visit their blog.  There you can find information about Health and Wellness, Exercise and even Parenting.  Word on the street is that they will be having a Twitter Party on October 28th in celebration of their launch.  There will be some super awesome prizes up for grabs like a Kindle and Amazon gift card, Ipod Nano, Nike+ Sportband, Luluemon gift card and more!  I know I will be there and I can't wait!!  Don't worry, I will remind you about it too so you can make sure to come.



Tammy said…
Good for you girl! Proud of ya!

Let me know when that twitter party is...I want the Kindle and Nike sports watch to go with my chip! :)