Do You Need Weight Loss Support? Nutrisystem Has Counseling Available For You

I have been talking a lot lately this week about having support systems in place.  Making a commitment and being able to stick to it.  I am one of those that needs support, I need someone saying, "Way to go!", in times of triumph.  From time to time I need someone to bounce ideas off of and share my feelings about what I am doing wrong or what I need to change.  Let's face it, I have been unhealthy for so long that learning to live a healthy life is a challenging task.  It requires skills that I am still working on developing.  The kind of changes I need to make just don't happen overnight as much as I wish it could be that way. 

Last week my Nutrisystem rep emailed me and was checking in to see how things were going.  I told her about my plan to add more exercise in because I felt that was a key component that I was lacking on implementing into the plan on a regular basis.  I told her how my husband and I bought bikes so that we could go on family bike rides with the boys, but it was scary for me to start because I haven't ridden a bicycle for over 15 years.  She replied back that I really should start slow and not over do it.  I could really tell that she was genuinely concerned about my well being, she asked if we could talk over the phone and discuss some of my issues and my goals. 

I have to say, I was a little nervous.  I didn't know what to expect or how the phone call was going to go.  It turned out that I had nothing to worry about.  She was so nice and so supportive towards me.  She knew that I wanted to incorporate more exercise so we brainstormed ways that I could do that wouldn't be over strenuous.  One of the strategies that she told me about was just to make a commitment to do small things each day.  Take walks around the neighborhood with the boys, go on a short bike ride then work up to a longer one.  She and I both have in common that we love our favorite nightly tv shows and she told me that she works out while she's watching tv  I love this idea because I want to be able to incorporate exercise and I don't want to miss my favorite shows either.  One idea that I liked was that during the commercials she suggested running in place and working in the cardio that way, or doing lunges or crunches too.  These are great suggestions and I have started to implement them into my routine.

I had such a good experience talking with her and it really helped to motivate me and get me thinking about the small changes that I can make that will make a big difference over time.  She didn't lecture me or make me feel bad about what I wasn't doing, she focused on the positive and what she could do on her end to help me get where I need to be.  I swear, I could almost feel the hugs through the phone.  And her emails are just as supportive.  We discussed a few other ways that can help me with some of my biggest road blocks with the plan too.  I will be sharing those in my next post though so stay tuned...

Here's the thing - I'm not special.  Nutrisystem is so supportive and they offer counseling to anyone that joins them or is thinking about joining them.  The counseling is free and you can call as often as you need.  They are there to help you succeed in your weight loss goals.  They want you to make sure that they can help you make the most of your plan and support you 100%.  If this sounds like something that you need than I would highly recommend becoming a part of the Nutrisystem family.  When I say family I mean it, because that is how they treat you.  Its exactly what I need.


If you would like to join me on my Nutrisystem weight loss journey please remember that you can take advantage of some great summer sales going on by calling 1-888-849-4680 or clicking on the special link for Pretty Pink Momma readers

*Nutrisystem is providing me with the program free of charge in exchange for my time and commitment to blog about my experience with the Nutrisystem Program.*

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Anonymous said…
Nutrisystem loves you Kimberly and we are always here for you! Meredith