Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide

One of my most difficult challenges that I have faced while using Nutrisystem is dining out.  To be honest I still have not mastered it.  Part of the reason is that I never realized how often I went out to eat until I started writing it down in my food journal.  I have started to recognize that I reward myself for, well, just about anything, with a night out to dinner or a lunch out with my husband.  Not only is it killing my cash flow but my waistline as well. 

Nutrisystem has a guide that you can follow when eating out.  The most obvious would be portion control but the guide has several helpful tips that can be used when eating out.  They call the guidelines, "Behavior Guidelines for Dining Out", which kind of reminds me of something that I would tell my kids before going anywhere.  Only these guidelines are for ME. 

The guidelines are based on getting you in the right mind set before you even enter a restaurant.  That way when you do get there you have been coaching yourself long before your order is even taken. 

The Basics Are:
  • Prepare yourself for healthy eating
  • Pre-Plan
  • Pace yourself
  • Redefine fullness
  • Enjoy the environment

The tip I find most useful for me when I'm dining out is to pace myself.  I get so caught up in the moment and enjoying my food that before I even realize it my whole meal has been devoured and my stomach hurts.  I need to learn to be more in control of the food I am eating and how often I go out.

Another really cool thing about the Dining Out Guide is that it defines menu terms and tells you what you should really stay away from and what the better choice would be.  On the members community you can also click on a type of food like Chinese, Mexican, American, etc... and the guide gives you advice on what to watch out for, what to hold back on and what to go for.  It takes the thinking right out of it for you.  One of my friends that has lost a lot weight and learned to eat out successfully told me that once you realize what you like at different restaurants that fall within your healthy eating requirements you will automatically know what to order at each place without having to think about it.  It just comes with time and experience.  The hardest part is making the conscious decision to follow your head and not your taste buds.

To read all of the tips associated with these guidelines visit the Nutrisystem community and become a member for free.  Then simply select the "Tips" tab, then select Dining Out Guide.


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*Nutrisystem is providing me with the program free of charge in exchange for my time and commitment to blog about my experience with the Nutrisystem Program.*



blueviolet said…
Planning in advance is such a great idea!!!
Nicole Greene said…
I think that is my biggest problem too with dieting or diet plans---DINING OUT!! I get so caught up into the atmosphere that I kinda forget to take my time and portion out my meal!
sohamolina said…
This is a very helpful guide. Everyone would benefit from it.