Shutterfly Has an Awesome Selection of Holiday Cards - Do You Blog? Get 50 Free Holiday Cards!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and by now most of us have started thinking about sending out holiday cards.  Sending out card is something that I haven't done in a few years but I really want to do it this year. I almost got around to it last year so but didn't do it so this year is a must for me.  One of the reasons that I had given up on sending out Christmas cards was the fact that I write in every single card the same greeting and then hand address each one before sending them out.  Now that I have realized that I can purchase affordable photo cards  - greeting included - I want to get back in the game.  I have even learned that I don't have to be all Martha Stewart like and hand address each one.  It's okay to print out the labels and stick them on, nobody cares.  After making the decision to send out holiday cards this year I was thrilled to learn about Shutterfly's holiday greeting card option, all 748 them to be exact!

It took me forever to look around and finally settle on my three favorites.  All of the holiday cards are beautiful and it took me some time to narrow it down to just three that really caught my eye the most.

The first one was this 5x7 Ho Ho Ho Christmas folded card.  I saw one like it last year that I almost got but I ran out time and never ordered.  What I love is the three pictures spots because I have three boys, one headshot for each "O".  Plus, Ho Ho Ho is just a super fun and Christmas-y phrase.  With the folded cards I can write my individual greetings for close family and friends on the inside of the card to make it more individualized.  Adding the photos to the folded card is a great way to personalize a traditional holiday card.

Another card with the same idea as the first yet totally different is the 5x7 Scarlet Frames Story Christmas Card.  I loved the red design details, this holiday photo card looks polished, modern and elegant.  I liked two things about this card.  The first was the ability to write a quick milestone or update beneath each of the kids pictures.  The second is that because it is on a flat stationary card I could technically send it out as is, without an envelope as a post card.  I'm not 100% sure but I think that would mean a cheaper postage rate because it could be sent as a postcard.

My third choice was this Antique Ornaments Christmas 4x8 card.  I love the antique ornaments, they are so pretty.  I thought that the layout was simple and could include either a picture of our whole family or just the boys together.  This is also like a postcard because it could be printed in matte or glossy finish.  It could just be that the boys in the picture really remind me of my little dudes hammin' it up too!  It's easy to picture my boys in the photo space provided. 

With over 700 choices I know that you will find a holiday card that is right for you, whatever holidays or occasions that you celebrate.  I was in awe of the options, who knows, I may even change my mind again!

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Anonymous said…
I love Shutterfly. Last year I designed calendars with them and gave them to the grandparents as gifts. They turned out awesome! Im excited for Christmas already. =)
Suz said…
I think it is fantastic that there is an opportunity for free cards in a time where people are struggling for money. Way to go Shutterfly!
Ardy22 said…
Wow, this is a super deal. I have used them in the past and pleased with their work.