Want To Chat? I'm Hosting Gevalia's Bean Chat This Morning - Please come by!

Gevalia – Create a Unique Coffee Experience

I'm hosting Gevalia's Bean Chat today!  I would love it if you would come tweet with me.  The chat starts at 12 noon EST and ends at 1 PM.  

Here is the link to the Chat: http://bit.ly/JoinBeanChat


Twitter hashtag is #beanchat

Plus, as an added bonus, if you join the chat you can get a TON of extra entries in this month's PPM Reader Appreciation Giveaway.  A TON.  

And yes, I am bribing you to come.  Cause I am so short notice like that. 

See you there!



Kimberly said…
It was great meeting you at #beanchat - love the blog and I look forward to popping in and visiting! I am @BeehiveBlog and @4virtu