Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - The Black Hole

This hole has been in the wall since little Oscar had a temper tantrum about three years ago. Big Oscar never has made the time to fix it, and truth be told I blame him for the hole because he never put the door stopper back in when little Oscar took it out. When Benji was two-ish he went through a phase where he stuck toys down the hole. Luckily we convinced him to knock it off.

Emilio however, is a whole different story.

He absolutely DELIGHTS in putting crap in that hole. Much to my dismay. The fact that it irritates me is probably what delights him so much. We have lost countless toys, wrappers, Wii accessories, food and God knows what else. Last night my one of the handsets for our new phone went missing. I can't find it anywhere.

Keeping my fingers crossed that its not in the black hole...

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Pam Ponder said…
I have one of those too, never thought of it as a black hole but totally understand!!!

happy WW!!!

if you get the chance stop by today for a laugh!!!

I am Harriet said…
Yikes.Those things happen.

Have a great Wednesday!
Tammy said…
Did you try calling the house...wouldn't it ring?

You know...those are easy to fix and you can find drywall at Home Depot in small pieces.

Hey...congrats! You are over 800 now...woohoo!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
My little guys would love to stuff things in that hole. Thank goodness he can't.
Brenda said…
Kids just have a way of doing those things. . . .ever think of putting a little tape over it?
StacieinAtlanta said…
That is too funny. My kids would do the same thing.
StacieinAtlanta said…
P. S. Have you thought of putting a picture over it? That is what we did to the hole in our house.
lfhpueblo said…
I would so go to the hobby store and buy a plain think wood plaque that was larger than the hole. Paint it the same color as the wall. Then I'd buy some Gorilla glue and glue it over the hole and in the center of that glue back on the wall door handle stopper. I wouldn't wait for the husband to do anything about it, because 3 weeks would have got on my nerves, let alone 3 years.
Jammie said…
LOL I think I would have done fixed it with some duct tape!