Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Frogger Anyone?

I have lived in the Northwest my entire life but only in the last four years have I experienced living near so many animals that I literally encounter on a daily basis.  The deer I have gotten used, even the raccoons are cute when you see a mommy and her babies.  I have seen mommy ducks followed by her ducklings, gardener snakes, eagles and last week I even saw an owl on a morning walk I took with Tammy.  But above all, the frogs in this area are seriously Ca - Ray - Zee!  So much so, I feel like I am living in an episode of Frogger.  Which by the way is a game that I stink at. They croak so loudly each night that it took a long time before this city girl stopped noticing.

I have to admit though, it is pretty cool to see cute little froggies in action all the time.  Check this one out my husband found in our shed a few weeks ago.

This last Saturday night it rained.  And rained.  Then rained some more.  This made the frogs super happy because they went crazy jumping all over everywhere like the entire neighborhood was their storm pond.  Now I have had to brake for all kinds of animals but I have to say that Saturday night was the first time I have braked for a FROG!  A huge frog that jumped across the lane in only three big jumps!  I have never seen a frog THAT big around here to date.  Then after I pulled in the driveway I walked up to the front door to find a little guy clinging to wall of the front porch.  Then I went to get the mail and there were frogs jumping at my feet on the way to the mailbox!  I am telling you, it was like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, only it was Frogs.  I took a picture using my cell phone of the little froggy on the porch - check him out!

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The Blue Zoo said…
lol Damn! Thats a LOT of frogs!!
Yikes Frogs..not that keen on them myself.
Happy WW
blueviolet said…
I love your little froggy friends! But like your hubby, I'd be wearing gloves if I needed to touch one.
Jen said…
My kids are like frog whispers. They can find those suckers, anywhere.
lfhpueblo said…
Cute and they eat bugs which is good. Yet, I'd always wear gloves handling them and never have them as pets.
Frogs, turtles, lizards and such can sometimes carry salomenella, and other diseases.
They have their use though. In a garden they can keep down the other unwanted pests.
Some Lucky Dog said…
We use to have those when we lived in Washington (state). Sometimes they were LOUD! The one place I really did't like to see them was under the hot tub cover, they loved it in there! Here in Montana we have deer, elk, coyote, porcupine, and turkeys almost every day and a few days ago we had a black bear. I'll take those over those pesky little frogs any day!
The Fam said…
They'd all be inside my home, in aquariums, with my family naming them! Frogs are the most adoptable "pets"!

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