Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Snow Day Fun!

It snowed here in the NW over the weekend and my boys have had so much fun playing in the snow!  Today school was closed so it was filled with snowball fights and snow forts.  They had a blast with all the kids in the neighborhood.


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Veronica Lee said…
Mail some of the snow over!! LOL! Love the pics.

Happy WW!
That looks like a blast!

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Pam said…
I am so ready for some snow!!! Looks like they had so much fun.
kailani said…
Wow, I can't believe how much it's snowing everywhere! Stay warm!
tree said…
Cute pictures! Looks like they had a blast! i am so not ready for snow!!! i could totally do with out it. In my ideal world it would snow on Yule and be gone by new years! lol.

Awww.. Such cute pictures!! I hope the snow keeps away from Memphis! ;)
Tammy said…
...I would be freezing if I was them...they always had their jackets open...brrr...it was only 20 degrees as a high yesterday!

I am sure they will all be back at it again today.
ModernMom said…
Looks like they had so much fun! No snow up here yet:)
Mandee said…
Wow - can't believe they closed school for such little snow! With this storm we had 9 inches, and they still didn't close the schools here. :) (Spokane, WA area)