A New Year and Some New Changes...

Yes, this month our family is MOVING!  It's bittersweet to say the least.  For the last four years my husband has been working towards his goal of promoting out of his Assistant Manager position and becoming Manager.  On the Wednesday before Christmas he was told that he got the job and that he was being immediately transferred to his new store to take command.  We were so excited about the news of his promotion but at the same time this transfer - is an out of state one.

I have been a Washington native my entire life, I have never lived in another state.  Hopefully with some luck and a little help our family will be living in Oregon by the beginning of February.  All though its out of state and not as close as we had hoped for his new store is only 4 hours from our current home.  Which still makes it driveable for visiting friends and family.  Plus he is only contracted to be at that store for the next two years and after that we can apply for any store we wish and hopefully, fingers crossed, move back home.  

Don't get me wrong, I am excited about this promotion, but I hate to leave the neighborhood that we live in.  Four and half years ago we moved here when my husband was promoted to the Assistant Manager position and believe me, I wasn't looking forward to the move that time either.  It was exciting being able to purchase our first home and this home is one that I will never ever forget.  Beyond the fact that it is our first home I had no idea how much this neighborhood, the kids and my neighbors would grow on me.  I LOVE where I live and I hate that we are moving so far away, in fact I am tearing up right now as I think about the inevitable. 

This is a picture of our new home, in our new neighborhood.  I can only hope that our new home and neighbors will be as welcoming and friendly as the ones in my current neighborhood.  Did I mention that I am a city girl?  Born and raised in the Seattle area.  I love shopping and if I live near a mall I feel more at home.  Our new home is far, far from city life.  The town is very small with a population of about 9,000.  The nearest mall is about an hour away and I wouldn't even call it a mall.  The major department stores in this teeny tiny mall are Target, Sears and Ross.  Kill me now.  To get to a real mall its about an hour and a half away!

I plan to just enjoy our new uncluttered, organized and smaller home.  We had to downsize to get a house in our desired neighborhood but the compromise in size is worth what we gained in the neighbors that we know of and the school that we want the kids to go to.  On the bright side of things having a smaller house means less house to clean and when Emilio wanders off to another part of the house I will be able to hear him from any vantage point in the house.

The VERY BEST thing about this move and this promotion is that my husband will be able to spend more time with us.  He will be home about two hours earlier every night and since he will be the manager he can adjust his schedule as needed and he will have first pick of vacation time.  It will be a big change for our family but we are all looking forward to connecting more as a family and having that much needed quality family time that has been lacking in our home for the last four years. 

My Posting Schedule

My husband starts living at our new home tomorrow and we will follow him there as soon as I can get this house packed up and ready to go.  Which means I will have to focus much of my time on packing and not blogging.  Right now my plan is to pack during the day and blog at night, which will hopefully help me take my mind off of the fact that I will be alone with the kids (and my mom) at night. 

I have some things lined up up for January that are all ready in place but I will be slowing down how much I post this month.  The posts will be in spurts and I will try to regularly post on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and whenever else I can in between.  So if it seems that I have dwindled off this month and probably part of next you know why.  I am not abandoning my blog just living life and tending to the needs of my family during this process.

Thanks for all your love and support friends!



Anonymous said…
What a cute house!! =) Im glad you found one you really liked.

It will be a fun adventure! A busy hectic adventure at first, but then Im sure the fun will kick in.
blueviolet said…
Good luck with the move! I think the schools are the priority too. Good call. :)
heymcs said…
What a lot of changes; no wonder it is bittersweet. Your love for your family and 'roots' will only expand to include all the new experiences and people you will meet in this new adventure/chapter in your life. Congrats and good luck.
Serena said…
When I met my husband he lived in Los Angleles and I lived in San Diego - so I moved to LA after we were married... there was definitely an adjustment period but I made friends and I ultimately enjoyed living there. BUT - I was thrilled when my hubby found a job in San Diego and I was able to move back home.

Hopefully this journey will be worthwhile and you will come to love your new neighborhood and small down!
Queen Mom said…
Congratulations! We moved from North Carolina to New York back in May - with 6 kids! It was a heck of a transition, but God leads you where you are supposed to be! We are very happy with the move and I think you will be, too.

Make each part of the move an adventure and when your kids start in their new school, challenge them to make some new friends and maybe have a little New Kids in Town Party at your house when you are settled and let your kids invite others over and bake and decorate some cookies (or something).

There's also something to be said about a slower life and - well, moving to a place that is far from the things that you love, like shopping - you learn to work around it and fill your life with other things, like playing and gardening in the yard. :)

From our family of 8 at Mommy Rantings, good luck in your move! It sounds like it's for the best!
Daffy said…
Wow! Moving overwhelms me. I'm overwhelmed for you! lol Very exciting though. Cheers to new adventures, new friends, more family time and new beginnings!!!
You can do it, momma!! I moved from downtown Chicao to the Atlanta suburbs 9 years ago (kicking and screaming). I had to start driving a CAR, commuting in traffic, live land-bound. It was rough. I cried for many nights. But it worked out and has been great for our family. Good luck!!

PS...Tammy sent me to you since I'm considering re-designing my blog to a revolution template. Ahh, decisions, decisions.
Alicia said…
Wow!! Big changes for sure!!! I can imagine how sad it is to leave behind your roots, but I'm sure you will plant some in Oregon. It will be an adjustment at first, but thank God your hubby will be able to be home more!! :)
Becca said…
That looks like an adorable house! Good luck on the move :)