After A Long Break I am Finally Back and Ready to Rock!

Okay, so if you haven't heard me gripe about it yet - I was forced to move.  My husband received a promotion, which in it of itself is pretty awesome, but it required us to move from Washington to Oregon.  Luckily its only a four hour drive from where we used to live and a five-six hour drive to where our family and friends are.  Which believe me, it could have been SO much worse.

All that being said my life has been filled with drama ever since I learned of Oscar's promotion.  All of January we lived apart - which sucked.  He only came down on the weekends to bitch about what I hadn't been packing during the week and then to do superfluous stuff that had nothing to do with our move and didn't really help at all.  Which led to tons of arguments and not happy times when we actually saw each other in person.

Thankfully my mom was there to help us through this horrible process by helping with the kids, and more importantly, help me to get my butt in gear.  Living with my mom wasn't easy either.  I love her to death but sometimes I can't stand her "help".  Don't get me wrong, its not like she was doing anything wrong, just being a mom.... my mom.  Doesn't everyone get annoyed by their mother every once in awhile no matter how awesome they are?  My mom can be a little too awesome sometimes for me to handle because I wish that I was her.  At times it felt like both she and Oscar were just ganging up on me about my procrastination towards moving.  So January was definitely a rough month for me.

The very last weekend in January we moved the remainder of our belongings and our children to our new home in Oregon.  You would think that life would finally start to settle down a bit from this point forward but for us that was an impossibility.  Once all of our stuff was moved out of our old house we had to spend the first two weekends of February cleaning it all out and fixing it up so that we could get it ready to rent.  We can't afford to sell our house so becoming landlords is our only alternative.  Which to tell you the truth its kind of an awkward experience to rent out a home that you previously lived in and have grown so attached to. 

Anyways, the long road trips each weekend tired all of us out.  Pretty much the entire first three weeks of February Oscar and I didn't get along.  We couldn't talk, eat or watch tv without arguing.  I think that this whole process has been one of the roughest times for us in the entire twelve years that we have been together.  We still haven't rented out our home yet either which continues to be a huge stressor because right now we are paying the mortgage for that house and the rent for this one not to mention all the utilities.

Needless to say I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my marriage and making sure that my kids are adjusting well to their new school.  Oh yeah, did I mention that since we have moved all three of the boys have been sick TWICE?  The first and last week of February they all came down with fevers, coughs and crud.  Which has meant a lot of sick days at school.

To be honest, I didn't really mind the sick days.  In Washington I just shooed the boys out the door to the bus stop in the morning but here, because we chose to live out of district for the school that they attend, I have to drive them to school every day.  Also, my kinder was all day in WA but here in OR he is only in the afternoons.  So I have to make two different drops at the school in the morning.  Then if I can't sucker Oscar into picking them from school on his lunch break I have to go back for a third trip.  Booooooooo!  I'm so tired and lazy in the morning so this has been a HUGE adjustment for me.  I keep telling myself that summer will be here soon enough.... right?

Well, that's pretty much what has been up with me.  I have been - and still am - living out of boxes.  I kind of know where most of my stuff is but some of the really important stuff I still can't find so its driving me nuts.

I am lining up some great reviews and giveaways but I will still be slow for bit longer until my entire life is unpacked.  I can't say that I have completely enjoyed being away from the blogosphere considering the circumstances but I am very glad to be back and ready to rock.  I am looking forward to blogging in a way that I never have before.  What that means I'm not even totally sure just yet, I just know that being gone this long has given me the chance to step back from it and realize that I don't always have to feel so stressed about how much of my personal time goes into blogging.  I want to spend more time enjoying it and less time feeling rushed to meet a specific deadline.  Its all about the quality and not the quantity right now for me.  My biggest goal is to find a good balance between my home life and my blog life which has been a challenge for me for quite some time now.  I am looking forward to the new and improved me!

So..... enough about me.  What have you all been up to?



Tammy said…
Welcome back girl...and he only came "up" on the! :)

Sorry to hear it has been a rough road with everything. I can't even begin to imagine the stresses you have faced. It's rough! Hopefully life can feel a little more normal soon.
Anonymous said…
Aw, man... I feel for ya! But Im glad youre back to blogging! Its about time. You know... if its still in boxes and you havet used it on over a month, maybe you dont need it? Just start tossing stuff, less to put away... =)
blueviolet said…
I most certainly understand your pain in moving. I'm sorry you couldn't sell your house. We thought about renting ours out too instead of selling, but I don't think we could have charged as much rent as our morgage payment was.

Looking forward to you being back full time!
Queen Mom said…
We have moved all over the East Coast for job changes...and I must say that it can be quite hectic! Especially with 6 kids! However, there are always new things in new areas to find and do!

Our last move occurred in May, and it was a big move from North Carolina to New York!

I think we all have a hard time with embracing change, but there is something new for you to discover and share with your kids!

(I keep telling myself that summer will be here soon, too! LOL) Moving from the south to the north has made this winter seem endless!

Anyway, life brings all kinds of surprises! Keep your eyes open, as I'm sure there are plenty in store for you!

And, as I always say: home is where we all are doesn't matter where we are or the struggles we face as long as we are together!
lfhpueblo said…
What am I up too, well we're up to the upper respiratory virus crude here too, however I think mine turned into a sinus infection.
You take your time getting everything put away, with kids everyone has to understand it's not an instant process, but a do-it as you have time process.
Alicia said…
Hey girl! Seriously, I got all excited when I saw your name in my email!! It's so good to read what you have been up to. I can imagine how much of an adjustment it is for everyone, and all it can do is get better from here, right? I can totally relate to the procrastinating! I am a HUGE procrastinator!! And, I know what you mean about moms!! excited to see you posting again!!