American Idol Season Ten is in Full Swing - Who Is Your Pick?

Are you an American Idol fan?  Back in the day, when the first season was fresh and new, I was hooked.  I loved Kelly Clarkson.  Then came season two, I remember when Ruben Studdard won and beat out Clay Aiken, which made me cheer because I was a Ruben fan from day one.  Then to be honest the rest of the seasons are kind of a blur.  I watched them here and there up through about season four and five.  After that I just lost interest.  It was boring and predictable.  However, I did love Carrie Underwood - she was unbelievably good.  I still love her.  I thought I was done with American Idol obsession, because quite frankly, I just didn't care anymore.  But season ten peaked my interest once again and now I'm HOOKED.

 Here's why I even took a second look at American Idol.  The judges.  Randy hasn't changed a bit - except he's kind of been deemed the new Simon.  He sits in his chair, he's harder on the contestants than JLo and Tyler are but he's just not Simon.  Steven Tyler is awesome but I have to say he is kind of the new Paula Abdul.  He isn't ever really that hard on the contestants and gives most of them an enthusiastic thumbs up.  He is Steven Tyler though so I enjoy watching him none the less seeing that I am big fan of Aerosmith.  I have to say though hands down the reason I tuned in was to see JLo.  I love her.  Just love her.  In movies, music, whatever she does turns to gold.  I just had to see how she was going to be as a judge.  I love that she is kind of how Randy used to be.  The judge that is neither too hard nor to easy on the singers.  She really tries to come up with some great constructive criticism that really tells the audience that she does know her shiz. 

Then there of course is the talent.  This is truly a very diverse group of performers and each one of them has a unique voice and flavor that makes choosing who the next American Idol will be a difficult task.  In my not so expert opinion I have to say that the ones that really stand out to me are Pia, Thia, James and as of last night Stefano.  I also really like Scotty, Naima and Paul too.  If any of these go home I admit, I might cry.   I am routing for each one of them for so many different reasons.  After last nights performances I am pretty sure I think I know who is going home.  It's going to be Haley if you ask me.  She has a really unique voice but she's missing that greatness that so many of the others seem to possess.  Don't get me wrong, the girl can sing, but I just don't think that its American Idol that will be her venue for success. 

Who's my pick?  I'm going with Pia all the way.  She is AMAZING.  She out sings everyone in the competition by far.  Her voice is so beautiful and she has such control over it, without a doubt, American Idol or not, Pia will be a huge star.  She reminds me of Carrie Underwood in the fact that she just stands out in comparison to all the rest of the competition.  Its a no brainer America - Pia will be the next American Idol. 

Any way you slice it, this season is awesome.  I am hooked.  I can't wait to see how they all perform throughout the course of the show.  Some big stars are definitely waiting to be born here.

So what about you?  Are you following American Idol this season?  Who's your favorite American Idol contestant?



adrienzgirl said…
We're big music lovers here. So we have watched every season. I was skeptical about the new judges at first, even though I love Stephen and JLo. I have been pleasantly surprised with them as a whole! And JLo's laugh/giggle is infectious!

I have several favorites for different reasons. I have an eclectic taste in music so that translates to liking different contestants for different reasons. Every year they always tout that they have the best talent this year.

Well, for me that statement is true this year! They have musicians this year, not just singers. I really love Casey, he is quirky and daring and I just love it. Pia is amazing! She is probably the most talented vocalist they have ever had on the show. EVER. I love Scotty's country flair.

Anyway...I agree, it's either Haley or Thia. Thia is talented but she was boring last night.
Tammy said…
I like the kids from Kent, WA...can't think of his name. Casey maybe?
blueviolet said…
I am pleasantly surprised with J Lo too. I thought she'd be too nice, but she really does give them good feedback. Steven is way too soft, almost to the point of being worthless, and Randy is better than he used to be. I think the talent is great this year.

I'm not sure who my front runner is yet...