Nutrisystem Select Frozen Foods are SO Yummy!

I have been really loving the Nutrisystem App that I downloaded a couple of weeks ago!  This last week I lost 1.5 lbs by tracking what I ate and drank.  A huge plus to the app is that it tracks your calorie intake as well.  Which is something that is lacking from the hand written food journal.  I suppose that I could have added the calories up myself but its just so much nicer when an app does it for you!  I know for me a good caloric range to stay in so its really helpful for me to know the calories in addition to staying on track with the program.

I have really been loving the frozen foods that Nutrisystem offers.  They are so GOOD!  Awhile back I shared with you my favorite frozen breakfast so this week I thought that I would share my favorite frozen dinner entree.  For me, I love the Turkey Pepperoni Pizza.  Its something to do with the crust.  Even though I heat in the microwave its still crispy and delicious.  I could literally eat one of these pizzas everyday.  They are that delicious!

One area that I have to work hard at in the Nutrisystem plan is my water intake.  I love how on the app you can check off the glasses of water as you drink them throughout the day.  Drinking enough water is really important for weight loss and I know that its an area for me that has required some major improvement.  At Nutrisystem you can purchase a Nutrisystem Sports Water Bottle and if you power through it two times in one day it means that you have met your water intake for the day.  I really like that aspect of it because when you can take a task that seems so daunting, like drinking eight glasses of water, its nice to have it minimized into two portions.  Check it out for yourself!


I know that I have so much more work to do towards my weight loss goals but I believe that utilizing the tools that Nutrisytem offers will help me in leaps and bounds.  Until next week my friends...


If you would like to join me on my Nutrisystem weight loss journey please remember that you can take advantage of some great sales going on right now by calling 1-888-849-4680 or clicking on the special link for Pretty Pink Momma readers

*Nutrisystem is providing myself and my husband with the program free of charge in exchange for my time and commitment to blog about our experience with the Nutrisystem Nation Program.*



blueviolet said…
That water bottle would be an excellent way to track water intake!