Do You Need Motivation to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals? Read Inspiring Stories and More at Nutrisystem .com

Sometimes when you are doing your best to stay on track with losing weight it can be hard to stay motivated.  I know that during my unexpected move a couple of months ago that was certainly the case with me.  Going through the move, and then finally settling in a new town without friends or family near by, certainly took a toll on my motivations.  I was depressed, over eating and just struggling to get by with my new daily routine.  I never stopped eating the Nutrisystem food I just didn't follow the plan with the added fruits and vegetables.  Plus there were several road trips back and forth between the two states and that didn't help things much either.  

All though this has been a difficult process for me I am proud to say that I am steadily taking the weight off again.  I am being careful about every bite I eat and making sure to drink water everyday.  One of my biggest vices was soda pop.  I haven't kicked the habit completely but I have set restrictions for myself that I stick to.  During the week I only drink Diet Dr Pepper Cherry because it has a sweet taste but has 0 calories.  I only let myself indulge on Saturday nights and all day Sunday.  I couldn't quit cold turkey and knowing that I can have that reward on the weekends really helps me get through the weekdays.

 Anyhow, I have since lost 6 lbs in the last three weeks sticking to my Nutrisystem plan.  I am back!  I am now motivated more than ever to reach my weight loss goal.  For me its not a matter of if I will do it but when.  I know that my life will not always be stuck in this body and I am ready to make the positive changes towards reaching my goal.
That's not to say that I don't have a bad day here and there where I need extra motivation and inspiration.  Cause I do.  When I need that gentle reminder of what I am working towards I visit and read the inspiring weight loss success stories of those that have stuck with the program and reached their goals.  I always feel better when I see those that have been where I am now and seeing that they made that change makes all the difference in my attitude on those days when I am struggling with myself.  

Their encouraging stories are great reads if you need that extra push this week.  The great thing about the Nutrisystem Community is that no matter what your weight loss goal they have success stories from across the board!  You can select to read only about the people in your weight loss category or branch out and be inspired by those that had a whole lot more to lose than you.  These uplifting stories are a great tool offered by the program and a testament to the Nutrisystem family. 

You never know.... one day it could be you sharing your story and inspiring others to take charge of their weight loss and nutrition goals.


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*Nutrisystem is providing myself and my husband with the program free of charge in exchange for my time and commitment to blog about our experience with the Nutrisystem Nation Program.*



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