I Think Its Time To Go Bunk Bed Shopping... Again...

I love that clip!  It's so funny to me because that is exactly what I think would happen if I actually stacked my sons bunk beds.  My older two have always shared a room and once they were out of the cribs we decided it was time to buy some twin beds for their room.  Much to my dismay I found that wooden twin bed frames didn't come cheap.  One thing that I started looking at purchasing was bunk beds because I thought that it would be really cool to stack them when they got a little bit older - plus it create so much more space in their bedroom.

During this time money was tight and times were hard so I was trying to spend the least amount of money as I possibly could.  After all of my search efforts I finally found an online retailer that sold bunk beds at a discount price, I think it was $250 for the pair.  I was really excited about the savings and ordered them right away.  It wasn't until they arrived that I realized the old saying "you get what you pay for" was staring me right in the face.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the design and the simplicity of them, but safety - that was an entirely different issue.  I could not believe just how flimsy the boards were and that once the beds were put together just how easily the bed could be broken.  They beds didn't come with bunkie boards either, just 14 thin wooden slats that were nailed between the frames.  The beds actually came with a disclaimer that no one over 100 lbs should sleep on them!  The tiny wood dowels that were supposed to hold the beds together when they were acting as bunk beds freaked me out and I decided then and there that I would never stack them, my boys' safety just wasn't worth it.  Seriously, all I could envision was that scene from Stepbrothers.

Luckily for us since were only planning on using them side by side and not as bunk beds I felt that I could suck up the disappointment in quality and just keep what I had ordered, after all the price was right. 

One rule that immediately had to go into effect was the "no jumping on the bed" rule.  I knew that these beds just couldn't tolerate that kind of punishment even if my boys were both under 60 lbs each.  I also knew that this rule was one that was made to be broken.  Within the first month both beds each had a broken slat - whoopsie.

Over the last few years the beds have held up all right.  Minus the time when my brother-in-law sat down on one and busted two slats at once - that was pretty funny though.  At the time due to our finances I couldn't afford nice ones but I needed a temporary fix until I could so these would have to do.  They have definitely taken a beating and now that we are in a better state financially we can finally afford to upgrade to a real bunk bed.  And now that we have downsized in square footage since we have moved the boys could really use the extra space in their bedroom.

One place I have been looking at is www.MoreBunkBeds.com because they have 30% off and free shipping on almost everything.  For me personally, free shipping is a must when I buy big heavy stuff like this online.  They have a ton of different bunk bed styles to choose from, some I really like and some I don't.  I like the bunk beds that have drawers and added storage because we also downsized in closet space so it would be great for the boys to be able to put some clothes or toys in the drawers.  The ones I don't really like are the futon bunk bed and the twin over full bunk bed, but mostly because I know if one had a bigger bed than the other one fights were gonna break out.  So in my case I need to stick to twin over twin styles.  I like these the best so far:

I really like that this one has drawers and a desk.  Plus I think that its kinda cool that they aren't stacked in the same direction.  It looks really safe and sturdy too.  As an added bonus this bed comes with the two twin mattresses for free!

This is another nice one, similar to my first choice, and it is quite a bit less.  This one has free shipping too but doesn't come with free mattresses.  I also like that this one has a ladder that is flush against the bed instead of sticking out.

While I am still on the lookout for the perfect bunk bed I think that I came across some pretty great options.  My only real fear about making the decision to buy bunk beds for the boys is that they both are prone to waking up a lot at night so I don't know who would go on top.  My oldest has night terrors every once in awhile and I would be afraid that he would just fall right out because in that state he is still asleep and may not remember that he was up so high.

Another fear is that they would be fighting on the top bunk and one would throw the other off.  Speaking as someone who has been thrown from the top of a bunk bed by my older brother, its not fun, and I would hate to see my boys do that to each other.  But I wouldn't put it past them either.

So do you have bunk beds for your children?  I'm also curious as to what age did you put them in one?  I would love to hear your bunk bed stories and recommendations!



Anonymous said…
Those are some pretty fancy bunkbeds! We bought a really nice set for our twins cause we know that they will be in them for a LONG time. Instead of a ladder to climb it actually has stairs and each stair is a drawerr so theres lots of space for their stuff.
WoW! These are really amazing bunk beds, not to mention there is a study desk to it. My Kids would definitely love this. Am getting on now. Thanks for sharing this!
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