Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - The Lost Has Been Found!!

Okay, so a month ago or so I forgot to remove my iPod Touch USB cable from my computer before I went to bed one night.  The next morning when I woke up I noticed that my computer armoire had been messed with by my two year old and the cable was MISSING.  Aw crap.  No way to sync my iPod to my laptop or charge it in the house.  This was a problem.

I asked Emilio where he put it, to which he replied, "Uh, I put it somewhere....".  Great.  He wouldn't tell me so I spent an hour looking everywhere.  I mean everywhere - including his diaper pail.  Gross.  But search efforts were in vain. 

I finally decided to buy a new cable but I was putting it off because I still had a small bit of hope that it would turn up.

Finally my prayers were answered.  It miraculously was found.  In the last place I ever thought to look too.

A couple of days ago my older boys alerted me to the fact that there were crackers in the floor register.  So I went to look and this is what I found:

And all this time I thought he liked that box of Ritz Bitz that disappeared so fast!  As disappointed as I am that he put a whole box of crackers down the heater duct I have to be thankful that he did.  Right after the curve the vent drops off and if those crackers weren't there to keep it in place I might have never found my iPod cable!

Ugh.  Will these terrible two's ever end?

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Tammy said…
Only Emilio! LOL! I bet if it was the old house it would have been in the wall. lol!
Crystal said…
omgoodness,thats so silly!! glad you found it :)
Nichol said…
This reminds me of my son. Our toilet overflowed. Ye we found silverware, toys and tons of other things.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Who needs toys when your home creates places to play!
Marianna said…
LOL! Toddlers are so fun. Glad you found it.
Stacy Uncorked said…
Oh that's too funny! Good thing those crackers were in there! :)

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I am Harriet said…
Holy cow- that is too funny. Look at the bright side- I'm not seeing any ants :)
Katie said…
gotta love 2 year old tricks!
Janessa said…
I totally feel your pain, we have crackers and cheerios and legos in probably every vent in our house. lol
So funny! And I know all about the adventures of a two year old. My things disappear all the time! And I find them in the oddest places :)
Candy said…
That is such a boy thing. That and just grabbing bugs like there is nothing gross about it LOL
Run DMT said…
Nope. It only gets better. Trust me. ;-) lol So glad you found your cable though. Phew!
I used to find stuff in our heating grates, too.
But nothing of mine, just their toys and snacks.
So glad you found your cable.
Carolyn G said…
LOL!! That is hilarious!