5 Great Ways to Decorate and Glamify Your Bed that will Turn Your Bedroom Into a Relaxing Retreat

The Master Bedroom is one room in the house that I love to retreat to.  I spend most of my quiet time there and its really important to me that the room, especially the bed, be inviting.  The bed serves as the focal point of most bedrooms so if you want to add some drama or dimension to a bedroom and you can't afford a full room makeover the bed is a great place to start.  Here are some great tips that will help you to dress up your bed and add some instant glam to any bedroom retreat.  

  1. Headboards can set the tone for the entire bedroom.  I have a king headboad, that is part of my canopy bed.  It's got great height, texture and pattern.  If your don't have a headboard this will be one thing that you will definitely want to turn any bed into a relaxing retreat.  There are many styles and options out there.  If you are short on storage space or want to eliminate nightstands a bookcase headboard is a great option.  My personal favorite is a padded headed board.  They can be made to look elegant or simple but either way they are comfortable!  If you can't afford to buy one they are also relatively easy to make if you happen to be a bit crafty.  I found a great DIY article on the HGTV website.  If you are like me though, the thought of creating padded headboards for king size bed seems a little daunting.  I would rather purchase one but if you can't afford your dream headboard than making one yourself is a fantastic alternative.
  2. Buy a new comforter and accessorize with high quality throw pillows.  I tend to stay away from the bed in a bag sets because they can make your bed look dated.  However, you can class it up with a new comforter and throw pillows.  Varying shapes, color and textures can add great dimension and depth to any bed.  You can use the pillows to draw out subtle colors in the comforter or tie in other fabrics or wall paint in the room.  Gorgeous comforters and throw pillows are very reasonably priced at discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx if you are on a budget.
  3. Add a canopy or netting above the bed.  I love the look of a canopy bed.  They are so elegant and can be done in a million different ways.  I personally own a simple dark wood canopy bed but one thing I have yet to do is add fabric to it, right now its just an open design.  Adding a canopy can be achieved in many ways and whether you want something dramatic or simple and understated there is no doubt that it will change the entire look of your bedroom.  Some ideas are: adding a simple mosquito netting above draping it overhead, screwing four hooks above the bed and hanging a length of fabric or affixing curtain rods to the ceiling and adding gorgeous draperies.  For examples check out this great post on the Interior and Architectures blog.
  4. Cover up the boxsprings!  Covering up the box springs is a really simple fix to an otherwise obvious eyesore.  Bed skirts can easily cover up that awful fabric and keep with the flow of the colors used in the room or on the bed.  There are also different types of bed skirts to choose from as well including straight, pleated or ruffled that will dress up your bed.  One alternative to bed skirts that I have adopted is a fitted sheet.  For my bed the canopy rails on the bottom of the bed frame are a beautiful part of the design and I don't want a skirt to distract from it.  I came up with the idea to put a fitted sheet over the box springs and it created a sleek, modern and simple way to hide the hideous pattern on what had been disgracing my otherwise beautiful bed. 
  5. Adjust the height of your bed.  The height of a bed can dramatically change the look of a bedroom.  If your bed is on a metal frame you can add risers to make it taller.  You can also reduce the height by getting rid of the frame and replacing it with a lower platform for the bed to rest on.  The use of a platform reduces the need for a box spring so that too will lower the height of the bed.  No matter what way you go, up or down, it will definitely make a difference in the look and style of your bedroom.