Decorting Solutions That Help to Ease the Burden of Allergens

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I can always tell when the allergy season has arrived because my husband sneezes just about every two seconds.  He sneezes so much that I completely stop the polite "bless you"'s and start saying "shut up!" and "are you done yet?".  It's really annoying for me to listen to, or even worse, be caught in the crossfire.  It may not sound like it but I am totally unsympathetic to what he is going through.  I know it must be awful for him to have to sneeze so much and endure the itchy, watery eyes and phlegm build up each day until the season passes.  Which is why I try my best to find easy decorating solutions that will ease the burden that allergens create.

Allergy Friendly Decorating Solutions

  • In the bedroom layer your bed with thinner decorative blankets and throws as opposed to one heavy down comforter.  The down collects dander and dust mites and is harder to wash.  The light weight blankets can be washed often.
  • Whether on the bed or the living room sofas decorate with quality accent pillows that have a removable, washable cover.  It helps to change up and brighten designs as well as wash away built up dust and dander. 
  • Decorate your home with a few items that pop versus many items that tend to clutter.  The minimal design elements will cut down the clutter and there will be less items that will collect dust.
  • If you need to use an area rug go for smaller accent rugs that are low pile and that are washable or low maintenance.  This will cut down on dust mites and dander that hide in high pile rugs.
  • Choose architectural details over decorative fabrics or window treatments to add flair to windows and doors.  This creates clean lines and minimizes dust. 
  • When airing out the house choose to keep windows closed during peak pollen production in the mornings and open them in the afternoon instead.
  • Use air purifying house plants to add color and life to any room such as chinese evergreens,  a peace lily or spider plants.

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ModernMom said…
I would not have made it through yesterday without my allergy med! Great post:)