I Just Came Back from Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle 2011!


This weekend I attended the SITS girls Bloggy Boot Camp in Seattle.  I was really excited to go to this because it's officially the first conference that I have been to.  I'm viewing it as my warm up to BlogHer in August.  I loved that it was in Seattle and I that I got to spend some time in my old neighborhood.  Plus you know a weekend away from the husband and kids was really refreshing.  I have missed having the me time.

I went with my good friend Tammy, from Tammy's Two Cents.  We shared a room and it was reminiscent of those good old slumber party days.  Beyond learning ways to improve my blog I also was really looking forward to meeting lots of new bloggy friends.  I have been waiting forever to meet a group of bloggers in person.

I was in a hurry so I stole this pic from my new BFF Kristen from Our Ordinary Life, who is the lovely lady standing next to me on the left.  On my other side is Jenny, from Jenny on the Spot.  She was a speaker, frickin' awesome one too, and I had heard a ton of great things about her from Tammy so I was excited to finally meet her.  Next in line is Tammy, my roomie.  Then Tina from Mad Hatter Mom - who I loved meeting!  I feel like such a dork but I can't for the life of me remember the gal on the ends name! Yes, I suck. Or it could be that I have had ZERO sleep in the last couple of days. She was so nice and she hasn't not yet started her blog yet but I know that I will definitely want to keep in contact with her when she does. 

Obviously this was just a small handful but I just had to share my new favorite bloggers because I had so much fun meeting them.  I loved it hanging out with all of these wonderful ladies!!!

Later in the week I will do a post on some of the things I learned at Bloggy Boot Camp.  Like I mentioned earlier my brain is fried so I couldn't throw together a decent post if I tried.  So for now I'm gonna get some sleep and just try to soak in all the great things I learned.



The Blue Zoo said…

I can NOT wait for BlogHer!!
Tammy said…
It was fun...going to try and put my post together today. Oh and her name is Tauna from Tracy, California! :)

P.S. Can't wait for the other half of my burger for lunch today!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
It sounds like it was wonderful.
blozulfog said…
It was so fun and I'm inspired to read more blogs! Was great to meet you!
blueviolet said…
I wanna meet you so much!!! Can't wait to hear what you learned. :)
Alicia said…
How fun! That is my goal...to one day go to these events!
Kristin said…
My new bff love you!!!