Five Thing Friday #9

Its Five Thing Friday time again! This is where I like to share five random things about myself or my crazy life with all of you! Hopefully you will get to know me a little bit better. I invite you to play along and share five random things about yourself with me. Just grab the button on my side bar or copy the image from above. Make sure to leave a comment if you play along so that I can go and check out your post!

1. Well, my PayPal saga is almost over. For those that read last Fridays Post you know that my PayPal account got hijacked. So far I have gotten $210 of the $300 refunded to my account. Its so lame that it takes so long to get it back into my actual bank account again.

2. Emilio is finally attempting to learn how to crawl. He is a butt scooter. He just forces his body forward by leaning to grab stuff and eventually scoots to his target. He has little idea of how to transition from sit to crawl and back again. He is starting gross motor therapy to try to gain these skills next week.

3. I think that I finally nailed down my mother-in-laws pico di gallo recipe. Its so yummy! I love chips and salsa, but chips and pico di gallo is freaking spectacular. If anyone wants me to post the recipe let me know.

4. I am seriously missing a ton of my bloggy friends! I have been spending so much time just working on the details of getting my business up and running that I just can't do everything. The balance between the reviews, giveaways and everything else blogwise that demands attention is hard to fit in with my kids and business schedule for the moment. I know that things will calm down once my site is up and running - I am just deep in preparation and as fun as it is - it is just as time consuming as blogging! :)

5. I am so sad that Celebrity Apprentice is over! I am glad that Joan Rivers won though. I think that Annie was good but way too cocky! I really noticed how she was so bossy and took credit for everything. People like that really annoy me. I prefer teamwork, even when I think my way is better. I loved how she thought she had it won, you could see it on her face, and then at the last minute he went with Joan. Awesome.

That wraps up my Five Thing Friday! To learn more about little old me you can check out my
past Five Thing Friday's.


Becca said…
I actually wanted Annie Duke to win. Joan was just so mean to her...I couldn't stand it!
ModernMom said…
Hey! So sorry I haven't been over here is a while! My blogroll has your last update as 4 weeks ago?? The Easy Bake Oven Giveaway. So Weird and I've missed so much!

I'll have to play around at my blog and see if there is some kind of technical error on my end.

I'm Rambling! usual. Great list! BFN