A New Look!

Those of you that visit me regularly have surely noticed a change. I am loving my new redesign! It is now so much easier for everyone to check out all my chic finds thanks to my new navigation bars. I love the borders just how everything has a place. I still need to give it a few tweaks but overall, the redesign is complete. Now me and html don't really get along so I needed to call in the big dogs.

This redesign would not be possible without Emily from Polka Dot Pixels. Emily has spent the last few days changing and revamping everything to my liking. Believe me, not an easy task! She has had to redo a few things because I wanted slight changes here and there. I am a Libra so I was born indecisive. Luckily for me, she is a very nice gal and didn't mind the flip-flopping. She has been so helpful and responded quickly to my emails. She kept me updated on the whole process every step of the way. I really appreciated this.

A couple of times when Emily got a little stumped one of my BFF bloggy buds came to the rescue. You guessed it, I am talking about Felicia from Go Graham Go again. In a previous post I told you all how she created the banner and the button for Pretty Pink Momma out of the kindness of her heart. This time around she held some much needed info about the html for the ad widget. She was such a lifesaver! If you ever need tips and trips for blog stuff you can check out Felicia's other blog, Blog Designs Free.

Thanks so much to both of these awesome ladies! Without either of them Pretty Pink Momma wouldn't look so, you know, pretty.


cheryl said…
I love the changes you made. The detail in the tabs at the top is very pretty and I always liked the contrast betweeen your colors of pink and black--glad you kept the color scheme.
Felicia said…
Hey! No problem! I'll try to see about helping you get it all centered when I get a chance!