True Story Tuesday - Conversations with Benji - The bathroom episode

I have never joined in on True Story Tuesday, but I have been reading others posts and I want to join in this time. To link up and check out everyone else's go visit Once Upon a Miracle.

I decided to make my True Stories all about my recent conversations with Benji. Keep in mind that he is four, actually almost five. He is extremely curious about how things work - I mean EVERYTHING.

Now, I know that maybe my boys are just a little too old to be seeing me naked but, with three small children, the youngest being 18 mos, I would never get a shower in if I waited for a point in the day when all three of them were occupied. I also have to have my bathroom door open at all times or they freak out, like I am locking them out of my life. Oscar, age 6, has realized that its not polite to stare at his naked mom and that I prefer privacy. Also, he never really questioned me about my anatomy either. He just accepted what I said at face value about it, "I don't have penis, there is nothing to look at."

Benji, however, is a completely different dude. This answer just doesn't cut it for him - he wants more. Here is a rundown of how our conversation went - while I was using the bathroom.

Benji: Hey, are you pooping?

Me: No! Get out of here please.

Benji: Oh, you're going poop and potty.

Me: Uh, no - just potty.

Benji: What? You don't have a penis! Show me your body, show me how it works!

Me: No Benji, for the millionth time, I don't have a penis- there is nothing to see. You can't see what I don't have.

Benji: Aw, come on! Show me! I want to see your tiny penis!

Me: Benji, I told you I don't have one! Now give me my privacy please!

Luckily he left that time. A few minutes later, I was getting ready to jump in the shower -so I was naked. I was just about to get in when I turn around and Benji is tilting his neck, trying to check out my goodies! Then this was our conversation:

Me: Benji! Stop trying to look - I told you I'm not showing you my body!

Benji: Well, I see some hair down there!

Me: Thanks for noticing, now get out!

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that he will most likely never remember trying to check out his moms parts! Actually I am really praying that none of my sons will never, ever remember seeing me naked. But whats a mom to do? My husband works 14 hour days, when he comes home I am cooking and shopping. If I waited to shower until all of the things on my To Do list were complete I would never shower. As it is I really only get to shower every other day, I don't want to make it once a week! That's sick! I have even gone as far as to hire my neighbor's (AKA Tammy's Two Cents) daughter, who is nine, to watch my boys for twenty minutes while I shower. It was the best $1.50 I ever spent too!

I dream of the day when all the kids are in school and I can shower, uninterrupted, every single day! That would truly be a gift. Until then I think I am stuck with Benji's incessant interrogations. I just keep telling myself that he is going to be a wonderful doctor one day!

And that my friends, is my True Story.


Rachel said…
LOL - had to laugh at that last line! Funny how kids can be so curious!

ps - I'm the other way around... I can't hear, so I'm constantly paranoid that the kid is going to wander out of the house if I take a 30 second shower. I cannot count how many times I've dashed out dripping wet to check on him, then ran back in to finish my shower, LOL.

Thanks for joining this week!
Alicia said…
Oh my word! He is a curious boy! I think my younger boys would freak out if they saw me in my bday suit!
Susie said…
Oh my gosh!! I am glad that I have girls:-)
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Thanks for stopping by. You should try Muffin Tin Monday.

Great post! I have a toilet monitor who wants to know what I am doing too.
Oh my goodness. That is a funny story for real! Trust me, that day will come QUICKLY and you will miss those little buggers being around! Maybe not while you shower though : ). Benji sounds HILARIOUS! I think I saw his picture underneath the post and he is a CUTIE for sure!
Samantha said…
HA! That is so funny! My kids have always been like that too. I remember a specific incident when I had taken my daughter to potty while we were shopping one day. she was around 3 at the time. Anyway as we all know it is super cramped in those bathroom stalls. She looks at me and says you have hair there. and on and on and on and wouldn't shut can say the oddest things at the oddest times
Tammy said…
I am still laughing after hearing it in person yesterday. Only Benji!
Jewelz said…
I have a curious three year old BUT I also have a 15 yr old, a 14 yr old and a 13 yr old to watch her when I shower! I can even lock the door to our ensuite for a little extra privacy! HOWEVER, extra curious three year old + locked door + a butter knife from the kitchen = NO PRIVACY AT ALL! {{SIGHS}}

Thanks for took me back 10 or more years ago when I had absolutely NO privacy at all!

Veronica Lee said…
LOL, that was funny!!
Anonymous said…
OMG!! That was SOOOO funny!! I was dying at the show me your tiny penis part... I have 4 boys so I know what you mean about the no privacy.
Lisa said…
That is so hilarious! Kids are nosy little buggers, aren't they? Do I see an OBGYN in your future? lol I have an (almost) 2 year old nephew who has recently learned the word "bra" and our "balls" (what he calls boobs) goes in them. Little does he know he has his OWN pair and they require no bra! LOLOL Some kids just can't be simple, can they? I fear we will have that problem too. So funny. I've tried to hide myself from my nephew in case he has some weird flash backs or something (since i'm not the momma after all) but he always finds a way to get a peek anyway. I usually am more traumatized than him anyway. He just wants to know what all that "stuff" is. (AKA body parts/fat/cellulite,etc.) lol
ROFL! Seriously!! I am dying over here! I know what you mean about never showering if you had to wait until they were all occupied. And my kids are like Oscar... So far. Erik is still too little to know just yet. Although Brooke is very interested in boobs and when she'll get them. LOL!
Kmama said…
Stopping by from Once Upon a Miracle.

What a great story!! Benji is definitely a curious kid, isn't he? I posted some funny stuff about my 5 y.o. today, and also posted about a shower incident myself on Monday!! LOL
Foursons said…
Hahaha. My Nolan is like that. He just points and stares. He no longer is allowed in my room if the door is closed.