True Story Tuesday - And Then... He Picked My Nose

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I just wanted to have a little rant about boogers. Yes, I know this sounds interesting and gross, so I know that you will read on. I want to know why is it that every time one of my children has a gigantic, asteroid sized booger they freak out if I try to pick it for them? I mean its not like I enjoy digging for gold but I see a big one and I think to myself, if it were me I would really want that gone. So I pick. Will someone please tell me why they want to cry and act like I am impaling them with sharp objects? Once it is out I know that they feel much better, I know that I feel much better because I don't have to look away in disgust when they try to smash their face on mine - a win win in my opinion. It seems that they tend to forget the sweet relief that they feel when an airway becomes reopened because whenever that time comes for me to pick a winner, they freak out all over again. I can't tell you how many times I have been kicked in the boobs or the face just trying to get some boogers out of their noses.

Let me share a little portion of my love story with you. Long ago when Oscar and I were in the blossoming stages of our courtship, I had a booger. It was big, gross and it was staring my future husband right in the face. Unbeknownst to me of course. We were having a delightful conversation in the car this particular afternoon when all of a sudden my future hubs says "hold still a sec" and comes at me with his stubby index finger. Before I could object he had picked my booger right out of my nose and then flicked it out the window.

As a very girly girl I was mortified! Actually mortified was an understatement of the embarrassment I felt. Hubs however didn't feel the same. He saw something that could potentially embarrass me in public and took care of it. I must admit that I probably would have wanted him to notify me of the disgusting boogie so I could handle it myself but I'm not so sure that picking my nose in front of my boyfriend would have been such a turn on to him either. Nor would I feel comfortable digging for gold right in front of him like that!

The bottom line is I am super glad that he did what he did. It was a turning point in our relationship. And this was before the Fart Bump had occured - that brought it to a entirely different level. I thought, wow this guy must really love me to want to pick my nose. Even though I'm pretty sure that at that point in time I probably would not have done the same for him if the tables were turned. Now we look back and laugh about it because as a couple that has been together for over 10 years picking a booger is probably way towards the bottom of the list of disgusting things that we have seen and done for and with each other, not to mention the kids.

Now if only my children could understand the love behind why I pick their boogers. Besides, they should be happy that its me and not their Daddy - his fingers are way too big for those little nostrils, OUCH!


Alicia said…
Oh my gosh, girl! He must have loved you from day one!!!!

I would have died if that was me!
crystal said…
Cute,sweet and yucky it!!
Good luck with the little ones though..
Anonymous said…
This is a cute love story in a yucky kind of And I am sure the little ones are happy it is you and not daddy cleaning their nose.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
We are having booger issues at my house too.
Kelly said…
Oh my - that was gross, and he must really love you! I'm not sure I would have made it out of the car alive, I would have died on the spot, maybe even avoided his calls for a while, because I was still humiliated!
Foursons said…
Hahaha- my hubby has picked gunk out of my teeth. Gross but true.
blueviolet said…
Seriously, you can't just leave those obnoxious chunks in there! They must come out!
Tammy said… crack me up! No way would Scott pick a booger, not out of
Oh my gosh - I had a boyfriend tell me once that I had seeds in my teeth (we were eating a berry ice cream) and I nearly died of humiliation right there! I think I'd have needed a burial if he'd picked my nose!
Mr. Daddy said…
LOL that was a great TST...

sounds like he really struck gold...*snicker*
Rachel said…
Totally cracking up!

I think we've all experienced that awful "should I tell them" moment and gosh, I would rather that thing be out of my kid's nose instead of him digging for it all during the church service!

This was too funny! Glad your hubs loved you that much :)

Thanks for linking up!
Anonymous said…
WOW! That is love.

There is no way in hell that I would stick my fingers anywhere near my husbands nose. EW! LOL
This is funny. This must be love. My husband would do this but no way I would do this for him. He doesn't seem to mind the gross side of marriage. I liked this story. Thanks for sharing;-)